Talacauvery Brahmakalashotsava from April 5

Last Updated 30 March 2019, 19:23 IST

‘Brahmakalashotsava’ and ‘Srirudra Homa’ will be held at Talacauvery from April 5 to 11, said Bhagandeshwara and Talacauvery Temple Committee President B S Thammaiah.

Speaking to mediapersons here, he said as per the decision taken by the temple management committee, ‘Ashtamangala’ and other rituals had been completed.


Giving details about the rituals that will be held during the period, he said on April 5 ‘Bimba Parigraha’, ‘Punyaha’, ‘Vastu Rakshjna Homa’, ‘Vastu Bali’ and others will be held.

On April 6, ‘Ganapathi Homa’, ‘Ankura Pooje’, ‘Bimbashuddi’, ‘Kalasha Pooje’, ‘Bimbashuddi Kalashabhisheka’ and others will be held.

On April 7, ‘Ganapathi Homa’, ‘Ankura Pooje,’ ‘Shanthi Homa’, ‘Durga Namaskara Pooje’ and ‘Mantapa Samskara’ will be held.

On April 8, ‘Trikala Pooje’, ‘Ankura Pooje’, ‘Tatva Kalasha Pooje’, ‘Anujna Kalashabhisheka’, ‘Anujna Pooje’ and others will be held.

On April 9, ‘Samhara Tatva Kalashapooje’, ‘Samhara Tatvahoma,’ ‘Jeeva Kalashapooje’ and others will be held.

On April 10, rituals like installation of ‘Ratnanyasa Agastyeshwara Sanidhya,’ ‘Ashtabandha Lepana’, ‘Nidra Kalashabhisheka’ and others will be held.

On April 11, ‘Srirudra Homa’ will be held, he added.

DC visits

Deputy Commissioner Annies Kanmani Joy visited Talacauvery to inspect the arrangements for ‘Brahmakalashotsava’. After offering pooja at Talacauvery, the deputy commissioner visited Brahmagiri Hill and collected details about arrangements being made from Thammaiah.

She directed Thammaiah to paint the temple premises to give a new look to ‘Brahmakalashotsava’. Arrangements should be made for parking of vehicles too, she added.

The DC took officials to task for failing to demolish KSTDC old building at Talacauvery. She also inspected toilets and changing rooms. Later, she visited Bhagamandala temple and Triveni Sangama.

On rainwater entering santum sanctorum of Bhagamandala temple, Annies directed the officials to take repair works. She also urged the temple committee to install CCTV cameras at Talacauvery.

(Published 30 March 2019, 19:22 IST)

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