Will not spare those involved in chit fund scam: Modi

Last Updated : 24 April 2019, 14:46 IST

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Turning up the heat on the TMC, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said that those involved in the chit fund and Narada scams will not be spared after the BJP returns to power.

“I want to assure the people of the country and Bengal that those who are involved in the Saradha, Narada and Rose Valley scam, whether they are leaders or officers will not be spared,” Modi said while addressing a rally in West Bengal’s Nadia district.

Several TMC leaders including minister are allegedly involved in the chit fund and Narada scams.

Modi also said that those who have looted the poor in the name of chit funds will be held accountable for every penny.

The prime minister also targeted TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee over the chit fund issue.

He alleged that the West Bengal chief minister wanted a “majboor” (weak) government of the Centre so that she can manage to get out of the chit fund case.

“Didi thought there will be a majboor government at the Centre so that she can get out of the chit fund case. But the people of the country shattered her hopes,” he said.

He also targeted the chief minister over the infiltration issue and her opposition to the much-debated Citizenship( Amendment) bill.

Mamata in 2005 flung a bunch of paper at the speaker’s podium in Parliament after her adjournment motion over Bangladeshi migration in West Bengal.

Dubbing Mamata as the “biggest example of changing colour” for power, Modi said that in 2005 she was crying in Parliament over the infiltration issue but has now become the "biggest defender of infiltrators" for the sake of vote bank politics.

“We will pass the Citizenship (Amendment) bill in the Parliament and will identify infiltrators through NRC so that the infiltrators in Bengal can be sent to where they belong,” Modi said.

Earlier in the day, at a rally in Birbhum district, the prime minister refuted the Opposition’s criticism of his foreign trips and said that India’s reputation in the international arena has got a major boost due to his foreign trips.

“I have come to know that Didi has said that chaiwala was busy with foreign trips in the last five years. But India’s might is being acknowledged abroad because of this trips,” Modi said.

Published 24 April 2019, 12:56 IST

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