Lake in Chikkamagaluru on the verge of extinction

The Basavanahalli-Dantaramakki lake has turned into an abode of swines.

The Basavanahalli-Dantaramakki lake has been converted from a flourishing water body into a lake that is struggling for survival.

For a considerable time, the lake has been a collection ground for wet waste, garbage, chemical effluents and sewage. All the waste from the surrounding residential layouts is released into the lake. The people have been dumping all types of waste into the lake. Swines are hounding the lake apart from stray dogs and buffaloes. The chain link meshes installed around the lake have started rusting.

The City Municipal Council has put up signboards near the lake, appealing to citizens not to pollute the water body, the people have become so insensitive that they have been continuing to dump garbage at the base of the board. The bank of the lake has also become a site of open defecation.

‘Groundwater affected’

“Hazardous chemical waste, containing lead, arsenic and chloride, is let into the lake, which has possibly polluted the groundwater,” retired engineer Prasanna said.

Ramesh Gowda, a shopkeeper, said, “Pollution of the lake has become a nightmare, with the unbearable stink. The Pollution Control Board has not initiated any action and the people dwelling nearby are living under the threat of diseases. The area has become a breeding site of mosquitoes.”

An environment lover said, “The elected representatives, citizens and officials are equally responsible for the pollution of the lake. The Minor Irrigation Department has totally neglected the maintenance of the lake. A statue of Swami Vivekananda was installed after building a platform in the midst of the lake. Also the pond was built to immerse idols.”


Retired lecturer Mallappa said that in spite of rain, the lake has remained dry. “Some part of the lake is also encroached upon. Due to excessive construction works in the vicinity, the water sources have been facing a threat of depletion,” he added.

Minor Irrigation Department executive engineer Channabasappa said, “There is no proposal by the Department towards development of the lake. No plan was prepared either.”

E Prakash, environment officer of the State Pollution Control Board, said that, after the tests, it has been concluded that the water has been contaminated.

“The water tests are being conducted on a monthly basis. The report will be sent to the deputy commissioner and the City Municipal Council commissioner, requesting appropriate action,” said the officer.

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Lake in Chikkamagaluru on the verge of extinction


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