Landslide hits train services

Landslide hits train services

The Bengaluru-Talaguppa (Shivamogga) fast passenger was halted following a landslide at Haliyooru in Tarikere taluk.

The service of four trains was disrupted following a landslide at an Upper Bhadra project site near a railway track at Haliyooru near Tarikere on Saturday. 

Following the landslide, the service of a Shivamogga bound fast passenger train from Bengaluru was affected and passengers were inconvenienced. 

The railway officials had noticed issues in railway track following landslide at 3.30 am. As a result, the train was stopped at Shivapura and the passengers were sent via bus. There were 2,000 passengers in the train. The railway track was restored and later, the train services resumed.

As a part of the Upper Bhadra project, a canal is being constructed below the railwaytrack. Following the work, the landslide occurred on the spot and a tunnel has been created, Upper Bhadra project officials said.