WATCH | Hope Sumalatha will join BJP after winning, says Sadananda Gowda

DH spoke with D.V. Sadananda Gowda, former Karnataka CM and Union Minister of Statistics and Programme Implementation. Principal Correspondent Bharat Joshi moderated the interaction. As election fever heats up, count on Deccan Herald to bring you updates from the campaign trail, keen political insights and the incisive analysis that we're known for. This year, local governments and political partnerships are likely to have a major impact on the Lok Sabha elections. The drama quotient is high and DH Political Theatre will be where the action is, as always.
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    WATCH | D. V. Sadananda Gowda in conversation with DH

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    I am grateful to Deccan Herald and Prajavani for having me here for this lovely interaction. I thank the organisers for this opportunity.

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    On Ananth Kumar Hegde

    When Ananth Kumar Hegde made a statement on changing of the Constitution, our party leaders asked him to apologise in the Parliament. He did so and there the matter ends. I agree that he talks a lot. But the party has been able to control him.

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    On extending support to Sumalatha

    We (BJP) can only make inroads into any region when a party is completely ousted. Similarly, this time JDS will be thrown out of Mandya and we will make inroads. It is in this background that we have extended support to Sumalatha.

    I hope Sumalatha after winning will join BJP.

    She was indeed very happy. When she walks into the Parliament when 3/4 of the parliament is filled with BJP members, she will naturally extend her support to the BJP.

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    On why several BJP leaders have sought tickets for their family members?

    I agree that a few leaders have asked so. But being a human everybody will have a selfish thought.

    But when we go back home, our wives may demand, the family may exert pressure to which all of us would succumb.

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    On BSY

    BSY in Karnataka is no doubt a mass leader. A person has both positive and negative. But, BSY has been a firebrand leader. The way he has built the party from grassroots, his fights, his relentless work to bring the party to power has made him a mass leader.

    I am not a believer of dynastic politics. My son will not come to politics.

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    Lok Sabha polls are fought on national issues and not on local issues. I am confident that BJP in Karnataka will win 22 seats out of the 28 seats. If not for any of us, people certainly want Modi to come back to power.

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    On Sadananda Gowda's migration from Coastal area to Hinterland

    I fully agree with you. I come from a village in Sullia in Dakshina Kannada. But it is a reserved constituency. I was asked to contest from adjoining seat Puttur. I contested twice but lost in a narrow margin. Later I was pitted against Veerappa Moily, then against Manorama Madhwaraj.

    Subsequently, I was asked to contest from Udupi-Chikkamagaluru after DB Chandre Gowda moved out.

    Until then I have been representing the biggest constituencies.

    When the party handed over Bangalore North, I wholeheartedly accepted and I have become a local now.

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    On Bangalore South candidate

    The state unit had unanimously resolved and recommended Tejaswini Ananthkumar. But ultimately the Central committee will take a call. We do hope that they honour our selection.

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    Previously, BJP had coined 'India Shining' but the mandate went against the NDA. Now you have coined Modi Again?

    Then we only talked and failed to reach the people. But today we have delivered and successful in connecting with the people as well. Then there were no channels of communication to reach out to the people. But today through mobiles and the internet everybody knows what NDA has done in the last five years.

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    On Rahul Gandhi's minimum income announcement

    People of this country are aware that those programmes cannot be implementable. Probably he still believes that like his grandmother Indira Gandhi who coined slogan and won elections. She coined Gareebi Hatao, but the entire country knows where is poverty and what has happened to it. But in the run, Congress managed to cling on to power twice. But it did not do well in reality.

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    On why Sadananda Gowda should be re-elected

    I will not give myself a certificate. But I have placed my records in front of the people of my constituency.
    Being a central cabinet minister, I need to be in Delhi for two-three days, thereafter I need to tour the country. the Rest of the three-days I am in my office in Bangalore.

    I have never said to people of my constituency to come tomorrow.

    The villages that I have adopted under the Adarsh Scheme have been judged as the model villages in the country.

    I have roped in several corporates to fund several activities in the region.

    In fact, there was no request either from the party or from the people in Bangalore North for a second date. That itself shows the level of satisfaction.

    It's been 25 years since I entered politics. I still believe that I should give way for youngsters. But as the party mandated me to contest again, I am at it.

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    On Rs 15 lakh money to be deposited in bank accounts

    The statement should not be taken on its face value.

    It is nothing but reducing the burden on commoners by getting back the black money from across the world, streamline financial irregularities across the country, revise the tax regime. all these will ensure that that much money is saved with every citizen.

    In fact, we did constitute SIT in the very first cabinet meeting to bring back the black money stashed up in several other countries .

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    Why is PM silent on all occasions and lets only his ministers talk?

    In today's scenario, social media plays pivotal role. There were days when radio ruled the roost. Subsequently, print came into the picture, then the electronic media.

    Now, it is the era of social media. Every body knows how many followers he has on social media. All his works and programes are highlighted on social media andget connected with the people of this country.

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    Can selling 'Pakodas' be considered as a business?

    Yes, I feel selling 'pakodas' is also a type of business. If the vendor is able to run his family by selling 'pakodas' it would be a business then.

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    On job creation by Modi Government

    Our assessment of jobs is based on two methods. Strengthening of your provident fundand other associated issues. The other is strengthening of the unorganised sector. We have been working hard on these fronts.

    By the time we compiled all the data and relevant statitics, the code of conduct was announced and we could not come out the final details of employment generation. What we had released only a quarter result based on the initial findings.

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    On negative side of PM Modi

    I am not that tall enough to point at the negative side of our leader Modi. Probably as the opposition leaders say, his loopholes could be that he did not loot the treasury, he did not go on holidays. Rather he focussed on work and argued that Country is First.

    When I was the opposition leader in Karnataka, I never attacked the CM. But I attacked their style of functioning with facts and figures, revenue details.

    Then CM Siddaramaiah openly accepted my arguments and acknowledged that he had erred.

    See, the politics and arguments must happen like this. Today, it is revolving around what the leader eats, what is his chest size, weight.

    The opposition thinks that its primary duty is only to just oppose. But that is not the case. It has to act in a constructive way.

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    On conversion of CBI and IB as BJP institutions

    The tussle is due to the internal bureaucratic strife.When the ruling party crack down on corrupt officials, it is common for the opposition to point fingers at the ruling party. I request all to show any trace of corruption in the last five years. We need not to learn from those who stole mobile frequencies (2G). People in UP and other areas have shown them their position.

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    Was Demonetisation brought to the Cabinet's notice?

    Somethings cannot be discussed in public especially when there are thieves all around.

    In fact, on that day he had told us (Cabinet ministers) to sit in the hall and he came back to us after the announcement and we all supported.

    I have served in various capacities in Union. There are various bureaucrats in the centre. In policy matters, PM Modi has given free hand to all the ministers.

    Only if the situation warrants his intervention, he intervenes. Otherwise, ministers are free to take any decision.

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    Modi's Foreign Policy

    The recent air strikes by India has sent across a strong message across the world.

    Be it the Middle East, Asain countries, everybody hailed it. All the countries isolated Pakistan and rushed to the support of India. This is due to the foreign policy of Narendra Modi.

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    On Demonetisation

    After demonetisation, a whopping Rs 3,000 crore was seized in the Red Corridor (Naxal Area).

    It was a practice in Kashmir to recruit youths just to pelt stones at the army.After demonetisation, in less than a fortnight stone pelting incidents dropped.

    Naxalism came to a halt.

    Under Modi's regime, the terrorism has not come out of Kashmir. There have been no instance bomb blasts elsewhere in the country.

    We have been able to restrict terrorism to a corner of the country and even in the coming days, it will be wiped out completely.

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    On Congress' allegation that PM failed to create jobs

    Recently, we had a survey and assessed the situation on employment generation.

    We had brought out various parameters for rural and urban regions. When it comes to employment everybody thinks in the form of government employment.

    But employment is nothing but self-employment by putting to use self-acquired skills.

    In that way, a lot has been done to hone the skills of youths through various skill training programmes.

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    On Pulwama attack

    The PM's decision after Pulwama attack has certainly motivated the country. But as you all know, the PM never takes credit for the works.

    All the countries have hailed his decision.

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    Why slogan NaMo again?

    This is perhaps for the first time that a PM has fulfilled all the promises. Unlike other PMs, this Modi has turned out to be a servant of the masses, this country. All this has given a new hope to the country.

    He has given a corruption free govt, a stable govt, giving utmost importance to the military, maintaining diplomatic relationship with other countries. Everywhere he has taken India to a new height.

    Besides, he has also ensured financial discipline which is crucial for any country's progress. This was due to his revolutionary ideas and decisions. Similarly, there are several programmes yet to be taken up and hence we need Modi again. That is the reason we have called for NaMo again.

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    Good evening and welcome to the latest edition of 'The Political Theater'. Today, we have with us Union Minister D. V. Sadananda Gowda.

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    BJP’s Mr. Nice Guy, that Sadananda Gowda for you

    Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Devaragunda Venkappa Sadananda Gowda, more commonly referred to as DVS, is well known for his amiable demeanour and ever smiling countenance. Yet, if he has survived the rough and tumble of party and government – with stints as Karnataka CM; Minister for Railways, Minister for Law and Justice and Statistics and Programme Implementation in the Narendra Modi government – then it is on account of his long years of experience.

    Born into a Vokkaliga family in a village close to the Kerala border in Sullia taluk of Karnataka, the 66-year-old Gowda’s initiation into politics took place through his association with the BJP’s student wing, the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad. As a law student at the Vaikunta Baliga College of Law in Udupi, he was elected as the general secretary of the student’s union. He went on to become the district general secretary of the ABVP and quit his law practice to plunge into active politics.

    Gowda joined the Jan Sangh and became president of the Sullia Assembly constituency. Later, he joined the BJP and served as the president of the Yuva Morcha, the youth wing of the party, in Dakshina Kannada.

    His electoral career began in 1994 as an MLA from the Puttur Assembly constituency. He represented the seat in 1999 and became the Deputy Leader of the Opposition. In the 2004 Lok Sabha elections, Gowda defeated Congress stalwart and former CM Veerappa Moily in Mangalore.