Anti-ageing treatments for you

Anti-ageing treatments for you

Anti-ageing treatments for women over 40...

Many women are worried about their skin after they cross their 40s.

More often than not, I see many women worried about their skin after they cross their 40s. When our skin is young, the chances of it falling victim to day-to-day stress is less likely. However, once your age starts reflecting on your skin, even a bit of damage and stress can take a serious toll on your skin.

However, there are various cosmetic procedures that can rejuvenate the skin and make one look more youthful:

Medi facial: A clinical facial treatment is a bit different from the regular facial as it not only relaxes your skin but also works on all your skin-related issues and tries to eliminate them from the root. Unlike a parlour facial, it doesn’t focus only on the outermost layer of the skin but on all the layers, making it more effective in nature.

Photo facial: This light-based technology facial will help decrease the signs of sun damage and diminish the broken capillaries on the face, leading to a more radiant skin.

Botulinum toxin: Tired of the frown lines and evident crow’s feet on your face? Getting anti-wrinkle injections would help. Botox is medically known as Botulinum Toxin A and is a type of protein. Botox is injected into the muscle, which helps in softening the fine lines on your face and giving it a more relaxed look.

Fillers: As we age, we see a continuous loss of volume from our face. This loss of volume can contribute to various lines on our face, sagging cheeks, and jawline. It can also lead to a loss of lip volume. The role of dermal fillers is to restore the loss of volume and lift the sagging skin to make it look more youthful and fuller.

Thread lift: This is ideal for women who are tired of folds on their skin. A thread lift is a simple procedure which is really effective in making you look younger. A PDO thread is passed from under the skin and is then pulled up to lift the sagging skin. It can also be used to tighten and lift the other parts of the body like inner thighs, abdomen, and arms.

HIFU: This is a non-invasive technique to tighten the skin. This treatment is great to treat wrinkles on the face. It is particularly effective for clinical improvement in the jawline, cheek, and perioral areas.

Skin tag removal: Skin tags are mostly harmless. However, they are unsightly. Skin tags are the growth or flaps of skin which get accumulated on the skin. For women who are tired of their various skin tags, this treatment is ideal.

Earlobe repair: This is an effective cosmetic surgery to correct split lobes and ear stretch. Split earlobe is a common problem among people who have had elongated ear piercings due to wearing heavy jewellery and wrong piercing.

Hand rejuvenation: The fine lines of your hand may reveal something about your future, but having those lines at the back of your hand simply reveals your age. If you are tired of the wrinkly lines, prominent veins and dark skin on the back of your hand, then this treatment is for you.

PRP for hair: Ideal for women who are struggling with decreased hair density. It’s a safe method which will draw plasma from your body to give your hair growth a push. PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma contains growth factors which help decrease hair loss and help improve hair density.