Check out six chic nail trends

Let your hands do all the talking with the top nail trends

Minimalistic designs are rage.

Nail bars all over the world are constantly finding ways to revolutionise nail art. This year has seen two extremes — minimalistic or loaded — simple and sleek to stone work/3D gel or metal hardware.

Here are a six nail trends that are topping the charts:

Negative spacing 

This is for all you minimalists out there. The style involves nails with natural French manicure-based tones embellished with random placement of lines or geometrical shapes done in bold tones. White, black and blue are the perfect shades to create this look while leaving the rest of the nail bed naked.

Texture play

Experimenting with matte top coats, be it gel or normal lacquer is an easy way to create texture and move away from the stereotypical nail art. Just ensure you moisturise often while sporting a matte look, as it can cause the hands to look dry. Lines, French tips or even a border around the nail whole bed in a matte coat, is a great way to achieve this look.

French twist

This nail art trend is on the minimalist side but with a bit of fun. Instead of going for a basic French mani, swap your white tips for bright fun colours like blue, pink or even a black.

Space moons 

This is the opposite of a French mani. Use a pastel shade as your base coat like lilac and cover the lunula, i.e. the moon of your nails with a contrasting colour like lemon.


Ombré nails have been around for some time. Initially, it started with glitter and has gone on to combine two shades to create that perfect blend or stark contrast. The lighter shade is usually the base colour, the dark shade is then sponged/airbrushed on and a fade is created. Best colour combinations to create this look with is nude to white or pink to orange.

Chain affair
If you like jewellery, then this trend might just be your go-to style. Chain links in gold, bronze or silver can be used to decorate your nails. However, it’s important not to go overboard — choose two or three digits on each hand for the chains — they can be placed vertically on one digit and across on the other two at different heights, thus completing the look. This could be done with rhinestones as well.

If you’ve always wanted to get nail extensions but are worried — worry no more. Here are five things you should know about nail extensions be it gel or acrylic:

  • Don’t schedule a manicure along with your extension appointment — manicure is part of the nail prep stage when doing nail extensions; except no water — for good reason.
  • When a nail tech does your extensions, they require your nail bed to be as dehydrated as possible so the products bond well with the nail bed.
  • You don’t need to grow your natural nails for your appointment as most techs will cut and file your nails.
  • Your extensions should last you three weeks. However, around the second or third week, your nails will need an infill as your natural nails grow along with the nail enhancement. An infill will leave you with a fresh set of nails.
  • If you’re getting extensions for an event and don’t want to maintain the look, it is best you return to your salon for removal. Do not try and do it at home as it will leave your nails in a terrible state.
  • There are several types of extensions — acrylic, gel and even poly gel! The products used are of different chemical components and have different application and curing methods. Gel polish or even a normal lacquer can be applied to extensions irrespective of the medium used.
  • If you are sporting a normal Lacquer and like to change your polishes frequently and wish to do this at home, ensure you use an acetone-free polish remover.

Now that you have all this information, literally at your fingertips, enjoy your next nail experience.

(The author is founder & senior nail technician, Get Gorgeous Beauty Bar)

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Check out six chic nail trends


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