Cool inks for the season

Cool inks for the season

Tattoo trends

The tattoo industry is growing every year and tattoos have gone from being a sign of rebellion to a becoming convention. Tattooing has now become a fashion trend and a mode of self-expression. In the last few years, etching has become a new emerging art form and 2018 is going to be an amazing year for getting a tattoo.

Here are some of the tattoo styles which are going to dominate the body art scene this year:

* Minimalist tattoos: “Less is more” is the word on the street. Too much make-up, too many accessories, loud clothing, etc. lose just about anyone’s attention. Same goes for tattoos. Often, minuscule and subtle tattoos are the ones that have a greater impact. Want to get a message across in a subtle way? Then small tattoos are the way to go!

* Geometric designs & Mandala: Geometric tattoos symbolise balance, perfection, symmetry and harmony. These have to be flawless and you need to get them done by an experienced tattoo artist. Geometric tattoos are not just about circles and squares. Some artists are so innovative that they can give a wolf, a feather, your zodiac sign or a flower a geometric form. Mandalas are sacred, spiritual tattoos as they have a deeper meaning.

* Gemstone: From diamonds to emeralds, women adore gemstone designs. These tattoos are associated with wealth, love, and royalty. Each gemstone has a meaning. For example, a blue gem signifies serenity, love, and affection. Gemstone tattoos can be given a 3D effect to make them look real. 

* Animals: Unleash your wild side with animal tattoos. People who opt for animal tattoos commonly select an animal that best represents the qualities they themselves have. For example, a peacock represents beauty, pride and dignity, a cat stands for mystery, power, femininity and lion denotes leadership and strength.

* Stencil tattoos: In this case, artists dip the plants and flowers directly into the stencil ink, instead of using hand-drawn stencils to make the design. Then, the tattoos are done along the lines of the plant’s stencil followed by shading to create a realistic version of the plant.

(The author is a tattoo artist)