Great 'egg'amples

Great 'egg'amples

Tips to get that perfectly cooked egg in your meals

Boiled eggs

Eggs are a universal favourite. Whether boiled, fried or scrambled, they lend themselves to every meal in an interesting way. However, cooking a perfect egg is an art. Here are a few simple tips to cook those perfect eggs:

The fresher the eggs, the better the dish will turn out. Also, eggs at room temperature are easy to work with than those from the refrigerator. Make it a point to bring the eggs to room temperature before cooking them.

For those perfect hard-boiled eggs, bring the water to boil and then drop the eggs slowly into it. To peel the shell off easily, transfer the eggs from the boiling water to ice-cold water.

When it comes to soft-boiled eggs with a gooey yolk, boil the eggs for about four minutes and quickly transfer them to ice-cold water, and then to water at normal temperature.

For those melt-in-the-mouth scrambled eggs, beat the eggs in a bowl with the seasoning, a little milk, and half-a-spoon of sugar. Heat the pan on medium to low heat, and use butter instead of oil. Once you pour the egg mixture, stir vigorously and turn off the heat after a minute or so. Transfer it immediately onto the serving dish so that the scrambled egg doesn’t get overcooked but remains soft and melt-in-the-mouth.

Before poaching eggs, boil them for a few seconds so that they retain their shape when you break them into the boiling water. 

If you are looking for a perfect round for your sunny-side-up, then grease the pan in a perfect round and break the egg over it. Mostly, the egg won’t run beyond the greased portion. Also, make sure that the pan is not too hot. If you prefer a set yolk but don’t like it flipped and fried on both sides, just cover it with a lid for a minute after turning off the heat.

While making an omelette Indian style, add a bit of milk to the egg mixture for a fluffy texture. If you are adding tomatoes, do not try to flip the omelette on the pan as it can break because of the water content of tomatoes.

Non-stick pans are best for cooking eggs.

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