Denims: timeless yet trendy

Denims: timeless yet trendy

From baggy jeans bell bottoms to ripped jeans, denims have come a long way since their creation

What started out as men’s attire has now become a staple separate of people around the world.

Introduced to the world in 1873 in a totally different context, denims have become an integral part of our lives today. What started out as men’s attire has now become a staple separate of people around the world. The term ‘jean’ owes its origin to the Italian city of Genoa where the fabric was first made, dyed blue even in those days (hence called blue de Genes, or literally blue of Genoa).

Denim is one of the only items of clothing to transcend gender, age, and class. Let’s take a look at the journey of this wonder garment:

1950s - The birth of cool jeans

Teenagers embraced blue jeans in the 1950s when Hollywood movies introduced jeans as a fashionable statement piece of rebellion against the status quo. Light washes, cuffed denim styles and black basic jeans were the regnant jeans trends among men. Women rarely wore denim during the 1950s.

1960s - Jeans as counterculture fashion

1960s gave birth to and nurtured the hippie culture. The free love movement that rocked American culture encased the most classic casual blue jean, which was representing the freedom from more structured pieces of clothing. Embroidered bright colours with stonewashed finishes and patches were just a few of the dominant jean trends at the time. Popular cuts included bell-bottom flares and low-rise hip huggers.

1980s - The birth of designer jeans

Stone-wash, acid wash and ripped jeans were some of the most in-demand looks of this decade, along with the new, skinnier leg cuts with tapering detailing at the ankle.

1990s - Baggy jeans make an appearance

Denim fashion changed its face yet again in the 1990s, as the grunge era in fashion began. In this decade, jeans became more about slouchy, casual style than something one would prefer as a dress up essential. Multiple pockets and tabs, head-to-toe denim ensembles with dungarees and dresses were among the trendier looks. The rise of hip-hop brought about a rise in the popularity and preference of baggy jeans, for men.

2000s - Skinny jeans take over

In the early 2000s, pop stars popularised the trend of ultra low-rise jeans. Flare and boot-cut denims were among the most popular cuts of the early 2000s and a hit in an array of washes. But the biggest revolution in the denim style story of the decade began in the mid-to-late 2000s, with the resurgence of the skinny jean as an offering of innovations in denim stretch technology.

2010s - Higher waists & cropped legs

The trend in denim fashion headed towards variety, although skinnier styles for women remained the most popular by a huge margin, and are a fashion mainstay for most women, because of their versatility. High-waist jeans had their own segment of popularity.

(The author is head of design, Spykar Lifestyle)

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