On fertile ground

On fertile ground

Everything, right from lifestyle and diet, to niggling little health problems could be influencing your reproductive health, writes Dr Rajalaxmi Walavalkar

According to a recent research, one in six women will have issues with getting pregnant.

While some become parents easily, for some couples, it is a difficult joy to achieve. According to a recent research, one in six women will have issues with getting pregnant. Even if you are actively trying to conceive or are not even thinking about babies yet, the small things you are doing now can actually have a serious influence on your current and future reproductive health. 

Here are a few small things you might be doing that can affect fertility:  

Gym, spa

It is all to do with the temperature of the testicles and sperms. At warmer temperatures, the scrotal temperature rises, the biochemistry of the sperm is harmed and the quantity, swimming capacity and DNA integrity of the sperm is affected.

Excess dieting

Being too thin affects fertility. The hormone Leptin controls hunger and feeling of satiety. Women with low levels of leptin have fewer fat tissues. Hormones that control fertility are metabolised in the fat tissue.

Being a night owl

There is a connection between poor sleep habits, irregular periods and infertility.


Certain lubricants can actually impair fertility by affecting sperm motility. It is best to use a sperm-friendly lubricant if dryness is an issue when you are trying for a baby. Avoid kitchen oils, petroleum jelly and baby oils.

Too little/ Too much sex

Both methods i.e. trying every day and many times a day to increase chances and leaving long gaps to ‘save up’ on sperm are counter-productive measures.

(The author is senior gynaecologist & IVF specialist, Cocoon Fertility)