Have the guts, eat this...

Have the guts, eat this...

Luke Coutinho suggests ways to improve gut health so as to increase intestinal absorption


Our body needs nutrients to function ably. It needs a combination of macronutrients that include proteins, carbohydrates, fats, along with micronutrients like vitamins and minerals. Our body gets the required energy and nourishment when the food we eat is broken down during the digestive process. It is during this process that macronutrients like protein are broken down into amino acids and carbohydrates are further broken down to glucose for energy.

We need nutrients from foods to function well. And to better absorb nutrients, we need a healthy gut.

A healthy gut environment includes adequate acids in the stomach for the digestive process that extracts vitamin B12 from animal food. The extracted vitamin
is protected by a nutrient secreted by the gut barrier before being transported to the small intestine for absorption.

Here’s how you can better your gut:

Pack in variety

One must eat foods that ensure broad variants of nutrients. Indulge in a rainbow diet once in a while or include a lot of colourful foods in your meals. You can pair up synergistic foods — foods that when paired up, improve nutrient absorption. Pair up plant-based iron sources with foods rich in Vitamin C to increase iron absorption.

Nourish with probiotics

Nourish your gut with probiotic foods containing good bacteria that produce enzymes for better digestion. Fermented foods like yogurt, pickles, kimchi can help populate your gut with good bacteria to optimise absorption of nutrients.

Stay hydrated

Stay hydrated so that the digestive system can better-absorb nutrients.

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