How do you like your coffee?

How do you like your coffee?

How you like your coffee can speak volumes about you

An espresso drinker is a born leader.

Are you a minimalist? A sophisticate? A traditionalist? They say ‘you are what you eat’, right? Well, that extends to drinking, too. Especially if your favourite brew is coffee. Ask a seasoned barista for a coffee and he’ll tell what kind of personality you are. Clinical psychologist Dr Ramani Durvasula has also conducted a study on the subject. Read on to discover what your coffee preference says about you:

It’s how you ‘espresso’ yourself

An espresso drinker is a born leader. A super-efficient Type A personality who works hard and plays hard. If your drink of choice is espresso, you’re a straight-talking, hard-hitting person who knows how to get things done. You do not take nonsense from anyone and you’re hardworking — at work and in your social life. You are also one of those rare individuals who actually enjoy the taste of coffee.

The bold black coffee drinker

Whether you choose Americano or plain black coffee, drinking without milk and sugar makes you one of the healthiest coffee drinkers out there. You’re something of an old-school purist who prefers to keep things simple. You lead a minimalist lifestyle, are always neatly turned out and tend to be a bit on the quiet, sometimes moody side. On the flip side, perhaps you’re resistant to change since you’re too set in your ways. You do love your funny coffee mug though!

Classy cappuccinos

A well-made cappuccino’s rich, complex flavours draw in the sophisticates who enjoy the finer things in life. You are stylish, well put together and wouldn’t ever be caught in sweat pants and an old t-shirt. You enjoy being in control, are health-conscious, and can be quite the perfectionist. You are also creative, sociable and can multi-task like a pro. A little tip: you need to stop worrying and being overly sensitive!

The latte lover

Instead of embracing the bitterness of coffee, latte lovers prefer to add a soothing element to it. This shows off your laidback, relaxed nature. You like your creature comforts and usually make an effort to look good. All in all, you are a kind soul. One who is normally quite generous with your time and resources, and willing to go out of your way to help loved ones. Unfortunately, you sometimes overextend yourself and always can’t keep up your commitments. So take a leisurely sip of your coffee, slow down and readjust your priorities.

The ‘kaapi’ culture cats

Any coffee aficionado will tell you that the ground coffee must be pure; the brewing should be fast, and it should ideally be served unmixed with anything, not even milk or sugar. South Indian filter coffee flagrantly flies in the face of this conventional wisdom: chicory is added, the brewing is excruciatingly slow, and it is served with a liberal dose of milk and sugar. Kaapi drinkers are a class unto themselves. Strongly minded and independent, you take pride in your identity and lineage. You’re often well-read, health-conscious, and value tradition and culture. Of course, all this sometimes makes you feel superior. How far you would go for that perfect tumbler of filter coffee tells you how much of a perfectionist you are.

Instant coffee, instant comfort

Sometimes when you just need a hot drink, or a pick-me-up, what could be a more convenient choice than this? A smart choice too, for those with health issues like hypertension, because instant coffee usually has a lot less caffeine than brewed coffee. Instant coffee drinkers don’t get too lost in the details. Though you might be traditional in some ways, you’re normally quite happy to take life as it comes. Laid-back, sometimes too much, to the point of procrastination, you tend to put off everything. Even attending to basic health issues. A cheerful optimist like you can be quite a pick-me-up by yourself!

(The author is a senior nutritionist, Pristine Organics)