Let your silence be heard…

Let your silence be heard…

While words can have a powerful impact, sometimes, silence can win a war, write Bharat & Shalan Savur

Inner peace is a gentle mental massage that creates calming, healing conditions in our tensed, inflamed body, mind, spirit.

Here’s a beautiful and healthier way to live: watch everything wordlessly, witness everything silently. Stand behind happenings and observe without getting mentally entangled in them. To get the mind onto this hands-off stance, making it very quiet, refrain from thinking anything. This way, you keep a little distance from the circumstances and just watch… uninvolved.

Watch people argue and let their arguments hang in the air. Let those who want to fight box with your shadow — it does not hurt you when you are not in their ring. Then there’s not even a desire to box back. Watch, don’t retaliate. Be silent in mind, in speech. With those who want to be disagreeable, let their disagreements slide past you. With those who want to judge, let their scorn be. With those who want to constantly snipe and criticise, let them, dear reader, and let your compassion be much more than any distress. With those who want to continually complain, become more quiet, more peaceful, listen as if you are in another room so that the words and tone don’t take root in you. When other people throw their darkness at you, remember to keep your lamp lit.

Path of well-being

When you distance mentally, there is…aah! so much peace, so much well-being as the ivy of your immune system climbs and flourishes. Being at peace creates a beautiful new inner reality where the inflammations in the body subside… My friends tell me how good they feel after a body massage. A massage cleans the energy channels choked by stress so that they carry healing signals into our cells to restore them to mint-fresh condition. Similarly, inner peace is a gentle mental massage that creates calming, healing conditions in our tensed, inflamed body, mind, spirit. “Peace be unto all,” says the Bible with good reason. Too many people want their voices to be heard, please let your silence be heard, let your peace be felt.

You may have already seen the difference you make when you are absolutely at peace. Someone opens his mouth to speak, then catches your eye… and shuts his mouth. He is not having second thoughts, he just loses the need to say whatever he was about to say. Peace has that effect. Try it on yourself. Lie down quietly for 20 minutes. Your blood pressure will drop 5-10 points, your pulse rate will slow down.

Witness your thoughts. Watch your behaviour. No judging, just watching. Don’t fear your weaknesses, acknowledge them. Love yourself with all your good, bad, beautiful, ugly aspects. Accept you are imperfect and love yourself. Then extend this courtesy to others. Nobody is perfect — not even somebody you respect or revere. It’s your acceptance that makes things perfect. This is how you become more peaceful, joyful, healthier. Clean out prejudices from your mind regularly. At night, before sleeping, surrender all your work, rewards, disappointments, successes, failures, blocks to the universe — it transforms negatives to possibilities. Thus, you let go of your past. Next, surrender your future to the universe — to maintain and secure it in your best interests. Now you are empty of the past and future. Only the present is with you and you fall asleep in its wonderful peace. You can do this exercise in your waking hours as well.

Surrendering to any entity lightens the load of living — frictions, conflicts, gains and losses lose their power over you. Life should never ever feel like a struggle. Witnessing and surrendering are great practical tools for the ease of living. When you breathe easier, oxygen atoms flow effortlessly to enrich your haemoglobin and health instead of firing up your adrenaline and anxiety levels. The masters say, “You are full of vibrating heavens.” When you watch with a silent mind, you vibrate with them.