Mercury dips to 10 degree Celsius in Madikeri

Mercury dips to 10 degree Celsius in Madikeri

Children light a bonfire to beat the cold weather on Race Course Road in Madikeri on Thursday. DH Photo / Rangaswamy

Chilling cold air blowing across Kodagu district pushed temperatures way down to 10 degree Celsius in Madikeri on Thursday.

The cloudy weather experienced in the past three days ended up increasing the chill factor and sent daytime temperature down to 10-degree Celsius. 

With the temperature falling so low, Kodagu is freezing at dawn and dusk. Residents are protecting themselves from the biting cold by lighting up fires in the hearth and wearing warm woollen clothing.

Elderly people preferred to stay indoors. Due to the harsh weather, the Raja Seat now witnesses a thin attendance of people on morning walks. 

The number of tourists visiting Madikeri during the winter season also dipped. Tourist agencies have attributed the fall in the number of tourists to fear of natural calamities.

There is no respite from the frosty weather for those residing in the hilly ranges of Mandalpatti, Tadiyandamol, Talacauvery and Brahmagiri. 

Indresh, a senior citizen recollected that harsher weather was experienced a decade ago in the district.

“The cold weather was coupled with mist which remained for the most part of the day,’ he recounted.