Acting for camera is easy: Roopa Rayappa

Acting for camera is easy: Roopa Rayappa

Roopa Rayappa

Actor Roopa Rayappa, who played the role of Shanti, a pregnant woman in KGF is happy that the film opened the doors to the industry for her. In a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien, she talks about her journey with the film. 

What brought you to Sandalwood? 

I am an electronics and communication engineering graduate but I always wanted to act. I moved on to theatre and worked with some theatre groups for almost 1.5 years. Theatre doesn't pay much and I always wanted to see myself on screen, and KGF was a dream come true.

How did you feel when you bagged the role? 

Though this was my debut project I feel blessed that it came through. My role of a woman in distraught, a pregnant woman who gets abducted was quite challenging and has brought me due attention. I was auditioning for another important role in the film but I didn't get through. Prashanth sir was impressed by my performance and around six months after the auditions, I got a call about the role of Shanthi and I accepted wholeheartedly. I knew this was the real deal. 

Were you apprehensive about the role? 

I did not think twice about accepting the role. I want to play lead roles and be a heroine but I wanted to prove myself as an actor first. I thought that the film would be a good platform to start off and I was right.  Playing such parts is not unusual for a theatre artist. Prashanth sir also told me that it was a performance-oriented role and I believe that I gave it my best shot. I had watched his film 'Ugramm' just a few months before I applied for audition. I feel ecstatic that the film has received such a tremendous response. 

Was acting for the camera challenging?

The challenges I faced while doing this role had a lot to do with the weather conditions at Kolar. We were shooting between storms and rains. We had to walk barefoot which wasn't easy and it would be extremely hot sometimes. Acting in such conditions with makeup and different costumes isn't that easy. Acting for the camera is easy. One has to really exaggerate emotions and act loud in theatre so that the last person in the last row can also see what is happening. In films, the subtlest expression will be seen on camera. One can always underplay yet grab attention in films. 

How was it to act with Yash?

He is one of the friendliest people ever. He comes on time and is very inspiring. Yash makes suggestions and is very involved when at a shoot. 

What's next?

I am acting in Dhananjaya Ranjan's 'Mysore Diaries', as one of the leads. The trailer of the film came out a while back and has fetched positive response.