Comedy king Jaggesh turns killer in 8MM...

Comedy king Jaggesh turns killer in 8MM...

‘8MM Bullet’, which hit the screens on Friday, is about a man’s struggle for justice

Jaggesh plays the role of a middle-aged man in ‘8MM Bullet’.

Jaggesh is making a conscious effort to break free from the comedy roles that he has been doing and accepting characters that appeal to young movie-goers. And this changeover, is visible in his latest release, ‘8MM Bullet’  where he plays a middle-aged man. 

The actor says that he has been waiting for the right script, “I wanted to break the monotony of working in comedy and take up something that is dramatically different from what I have been doing. The idea is to entertain youngsters and I think actors must make all attempts to get away from the set mode,”
Jaggesh tells Metrolife.   

He says that his role in ‘8MM Bullet’ will both surprise and satisfy his fans. “I have already told my fans not to expect to see me in a comic role. I have appealed to them to keep an open mind because only then will they be able to enjoy this film,” he adds. The story, says the actor, traces the life of a middle-aged man who is on the road to seeking justice. “What happens when children don’t really look after their parents, forms the heart of the story,” informs Jaggesh. He adds that the character he plays is on the brink of retirement but is forced to fight for justice. “The humiliation he undergoes in the process has been beautifully captured in this film,” adds Jaggesh.    

Dubbing his latest release as a family entertainer, Jaggesh, says that the audience will surely enjoy the last 20 minutes of the film. “I am sure the audience will love me in the last leg of the film,” he says with a tinge of excitement in his voice. 
What made him agree to the character? “I got my team to do a survey on social media and among the IT crowd to understand what characters they wanted to see me in. More than 50 per cent said that they wanted to see me in a dynamic role. And this is exactly what they will get to see in ‘8MM Bullet’. They can expect the unexpected,” he assures. 

When asked about the title, Jaggesh, says “8MM and 9MM bullets are used by the police. I don’t wish to discuss too much about the title because it holds the key to the story. The audience will get to see why a middle-aged man is forced to turn a serial killer. They will then understand why the film has been given such a title,” says Jaggesh.  

About the makeover, he has undergone for the role, Jaggesh, says “I tried different looks but I wasn’t happy. I wanted the character to look as natural as possible. It is interesting how we finalised the look. I fell ill and hadn’t shaved for 10 days. I had grown a beard. One day, I clicked a selfie and sent it to the director the film. He was thrilled and said that he wanted the exact look for my character in the movie. It took me a while to get the natural look but I am glad that we got what we were looking for,” he says. 

Actor Jaggesh has completed over three decades in the Kannada film industry and admits tha the is not only influenced and impressed by veteran actors but also holds immense admiration for the young actors in the industry. “We are in an era of experimentation and the audience yearn to see something different. Experimental films by young actors, directors and new ideas are quickly lapped up by movie-goers. This is an encouraging trend,” observes Jaggesh. 

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