Denim is now summer wear too

Denim is now summer wear too

Known for its rugged appeal and comfort in the colder months, it is now becoming an all-season fabric, say fashion experts.

Over the years, denim has established itself as one of the most versatile fashion fabrics, and rightly so. It is now emerging as a summer favourite.

Monica Oswal, executive director, Monte Carlo, says denim is no longer considered season-specific.

“For winter, we use heavy base fabric weighing 12 ounces and more. However, for summer, the ideal weight of the denim is between five and six ounces. It is fused with different knits

Monica Oswal

like cotton to make it easy and comfortable during summer,” she explains.

Keeping in mind the heat and humidity, denim variants like water-repellent and odour-free are now out in the market.

This year, shiny silver tapes and embellishments are being extensively used to make the fabric more fashionable for women, says Monica.

“Skinny jeans should be avoided in summer but we don’t seem to get enough of it. Loose-fitted, wide-legged denim and designs with embellishments are trending. I feel bling on denim is going to be in fashion for some time,” she says.

To get a cool summer look in place, light-weight denim jackets can be styled as a shrug, and worn over a dress or top and shorts, she recommends.

Abhishek Yadav, designer head, Spykar Lifestyle, says dyeing is another aspect to keep in mind, besides weight, when it comes to denim fashion.

“Earlier, denim was just indigo-dyed fabric but now we find different shades of indigo, from light to dark. These variations make it more fashion-friendly,” he says.

Sanjeev Mukhija, founder, Breakbounce Streetwear, feels denim is getting more fashionable but the focus remains on the fabric, fit and wash and not so much on styling.

“Denim has emerged as a multi-utility fabric. It was always considered rugged and maintenance-free. However, fashion has changed now. Apart from casual wear, denim is also seen as smart casual,” he observes.

He gives a quick tip: “A smart shirt tucked in a cleaner shade of denim paired with formal shoes and belt can give a formal look. The look can be altered to casual by switching to a T-shirt and casual shoes.”

Earlier, denim was rigid but it now stretches, making it ideal for everyday wear, he says. “This season, distressed denim is going down in popularity as most people prefer a cleaner look with sober washes,” he says.

Abhishek Yadav

How to get the look right

Lighter-shade denim is preferred for summer, but many opt for darker shades if they have to look formal. Go for light to medium shades for summer. A little ripped can make for a cool day look. Darker shades can be worn in the evenings.
- Abhishek Yadav, designer head, Spykar Lifestyle

Tips and tricks

- Never wash your denim too many times. Indigo is a natural dye and it bleeds with every wash. Wash it only when you need to.

- Avoid sun-drying denim directly. It fades faster. Dry it in the shade.

- Avoid line-drying. If one side of the denim is getting too much sunlight, the other will be lighter.

- Fold your denim (inside-out) and place it in a plastic bag. Keep it in the freezer overnight. Let it dry naturally the next day. This helps disinfect and you are ready to go for three months.



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