Exploring offbeat places excites MJ Shruti

Exploring offbeat places excites MJ Shruti

I usually have a lot of things planned for the weekends as my weekdays are packed. So, accomplishing all my plans makes for my perfect weekend.

I am an avid traveller; exploring the unexplored is the motto of my life. If given an option, I would love to wake up in different countries every weekend.

I, my husband, and his best friend’s family call ourselves ‘Hum Paanch’. We take off every weekend on unplanned adventures. We explore the offbeat places without using a map. We have gone to almost all the restaurants in the city. These small weekend getaways are stress-busters. ‘Galibore’ near Bengaluru is our favourite weekend getaway spot. Not many people know of this place.

But right now, I am running on the motto ‘work is worship’. Work has taken over my entire life.
In the weekends, I will either be reading a book or watching Netflix. I am a huge fan of Paulo Coelho and Brian Weiss. Brain’s ‘Soulmates’ and ‘Past life regression’ are my favourite books. I like them as they bridge the gap between reality and fantasy. I also have a library full of Mills and Boon books. Also, most my weekends are occupied by Sony TV’s ‘Mere Sai’. The show has a positive impact on me.

Most people schedule their weekends for shopping. I am not much of a shopping person, and I have never shopped online until now. Sunday evenings are dedicated to my mother and my pet Julie. Spending time with them makes me feel alive, after a long tiring weekend.

Although I can make about 18 different types of parathas, I am not a fan of cooking. I am also into fitness; I prefer the gym over parties.

A book, binge-watching romantic films, working out at the gym with my partner and finishing all the things planned define my perfect weekend.


A few of my favourite things:

- Travelling

- Party

- Reading books

- Watching movies

- Exercising