Gorge on Karnataka cuisine

Gorge on Karnataka cuisine

MTR Foods is coming up with the second edition of ‘Karunadu Swada’ this weekend. There will be more than 100 authentic regional dishes at the food festival.

Davangere Benne Masala Dosa

Relish one of the oldest surviving cuisines of India in the second edition of MTR Foods’ ‘Karunadu Swada’- Karnataka Food Festival on January 26 and 27, 7.30 pm onwards at St Johns Auditorium, Koramangala.  

The food fete will have over 100 dishes prepared by expert home chefs from six regions across Karnataka - Bidar, Kodagu, Belgaum, Mangaluru, Mysuru and Udupi. 

With an attempt to take people of Bengaluru on a journey to rediscover the authentic dishes of Karnataka, MTR Foods along with food historian Chandri Bhat did an in-depth study of the cuisines of the state by visiting different home-cooks. Through their study, the team found more than thousands of recipes that were authentic and rich in tradition.  

The food festival will showcase about 100 of these recipes in an accessible format. The take away from the ‘Karunadu Swada’ is that home chef from the six districts will showcase their regional culinary expertise. There will be more than 70 home chefs along with MTR chefs participating in the festival. 

This year, there are 25 new dishes on the menu like ‘Togaribele Chutney’ (toor dal chutney which is paired with ‘Khotte Kadabu’ in olden days), ‘Tomato Kayi Chutney’ (raw tomato chutney from North Karnataka), ‘Godi Huggi’, a whole wheat cooked with jaggery and dry fruit) and ‘Bollari Barthad’ (cucumber cooked in coarse coconut paste from Kodagu). 

Along with the festival being a food extravaganza, it will also showcase the different dance forms of Karnataka.