Kannada Cafe serves native fare, fosters arts & reading

Kannada Cafe serves native fare, fosters arts & reading

A darshini-style eatery in Jayanagar, launched by a techie, is doing its bit for the culture of Karnataka

Kannada Cafe, started just a month ago has families coming in all the way from Whitefield.

South Bengaluru, especially Jayanagar, is known for its food stops. A new one on the block, attached to the Jayanagar bus terminus, is Kannada Cafe.

Started a month ago, it is frequented by people from all over Bengaluru, and is perhaps the only cafe named after the language.

Software engineer Veerendra Kumar, who runs the cafe, says his motive was to help non-Kannadigas learn Kannada, a language rich in culture and literature.

“A month into this and we realise the need to remind Kannadigas of their own language,” he says.

Many NRIs have lost touch with the language, and are reminded of their childhood days when Kannada was their only language of communication.

College students were among the customers when Metrolife visited the place earlier this week. 

“Our ‘Mandakki oggarane’ is famous. It is a north Karnataka snack and the crowd loves it here. Our prices are low, and so a lot of college students drop by on their way home,” Veerendra Kumar says.

The cafe is filled with posters of Jnanpith award-winning Kannada writers, and famous places and personalities from Karnataka.

This is Veerendra Kumar’s first attempt at being a restaurateur, and he plans to open 10 branches of Kannada Cafe in Bengaluru. He has also been receiving inquiries from the Kannadiga diaspora in the US and elsewhere.

Famous dishes

The café serves dishes from every part of Karnataka. The most in demand are:

*Mudde meal

*Mandakki mirchi paddu

*Badam halwa

*Kodagu-style appam and rotti.

Cultural events

The café hosts a Kannada cultural event every month. It is looking for artistes to perform. Well-known saxophone player Subbalaxmi is playing at the cafe on July 27. 


The prices are pocket-friendly at Kannada Cafe.

Idli Rs 10, Vada Rs 15

Meal Rs 55

For young poets

The cafe has a board dedicated to new Kannada poets, who can post their work there. Photos of the poets are also featured on the board.

Distinguished Kannadigas

The café displays photos of famous personalities from Karnataka on its walls. From Salumarada Timmakka to Rahul Dravid, you find many who have made a difference.

It’s a library too

The cafe has a mini-library and you can borrow books for free. It has a collection of about 700 books.

The principle is simple: you deposit the price of the book, and take the money back when you return the book.

The café accepts donations of Kannada books.


Where:  Next to Jayanagar bus terminus, 66/B, 4th Block, Jayanagar.

Timings: 6.30 am to 10.30 pm.