Christopher C Doyle releases sequel to ‘Son of Bhrigu’

Christopher C Doyle releases sequel to ‘Son of Bhrigu’

Christopher Doyle

Christopher C Doyle made his debut into the literary world with his ‘The Mahabharata Secret’ in 2013. Before he decided to become a writer, he pursued a career in the corporate world, after graduating from St. Stephens College, Delhi with a degree in Economics and studying business management at IIM Calcutta. He continues to have a strong tie with the corporate world, as an Executive Coach, wherein he works with senior executives.

Doyle, who lives in Delhi with his wife, daughter and his dog, often travels around the country. He organises a ‘Quest Club’ meeting in every city that he visits. “We also often meet online. It is meant for people who read my books and are interested in ancient mysteries, legends and mythology. It is also a nice way to discuss the books,” he shares. 

His latest, ‘The Mists of Brahma’, the second instalment in the ‘The Pataala Prophecy’ series, was launched by Ms Githa Shankar, founder of Brigade Schools on October 22 at MLR Convention Centre, Mahadevapura. 

Known for taking his readers into a fascinating world where mythology meets adventure, Doyle hopes to connect the past and the present with his stories. “I was trying to link the Mahabharat with history when I started writing. I was trying to explain some of the stories using facts and science. My stories are not just about going back to the past. It is also an attempt to make mythology relevant in today’s times,” he explains.

The author is currently working on the third book in the ‘Mahabharata Quest’ series. “The Pataala Prophecy is a five-part book, and the readers will have to wait for the next book for a bit. They have been waiting for about three years for an end to the Mahabharata Quest,” he adds.