Compassion unites 

Compassion unites 

Residents of Union Street take care of Brownie.

Nothing much happens on Union Street. A quiet little connecting road between Hospital Road and Infantry Road, but around 10 pm in April one night, something devastating did. 

A speeding car hit Brownie, breaking his front leg, and sped off, as is the custom of most humans. 

There are four longstanding stray dog inhabitants of that little stretch of the street. All four named according to their colour. 

The following morning, a philanthropic Jain family of SV Colour Graphics noticed Brownie in agony, lying in front of their house. Calls were made to CUPA, Karuna, etc. but there were no ambulances available, as is normal in this country where animals are mostly disregarded. 

Do humans need to be constantly reminded that animals feel pain as intensely as we do? That they have as much right to inhabit this world, if not more? 

Finally, Abhishek Sudarshan of this family did manage to shift Brownie to Hebbal Veterinary Hospital where a surgery was performed and a rod inserted. Brownie was then sent to an NGO in Kengeri to recuperate for some time. But within days of Brownie being brought back to Union Street, the rod which wasn’t supported with plates or screws, just came right out through his shoulder. Imagine his pain and suffering! 

He was sent, upon advice, to another kindly NGO shelter in Bagalur which takes in strays. But as compassionate as these shelters are, they are dealing with about 200 dogs they have rescued and are feeding. They need urgent funding. 

It appeared Brownie having his leg amputated was the option. That also costs. Human beings have the ability to fend for themselves. Aren’t voiceless animals the responsibility of humans? 

One of the residents of Union Street went one day to visit Brownie and reported to Abhishek that Brownie was lying there, his broken leg flopping about as he struggled to move, with a gaping shoulder wound, surrounded by flies. It was pitiable and horrifying. This prompted Abhishek to shift him the next day to Cessna Veterinary Hospital where Dr Ramesh and Dr Pavan were wonderful, consulting with Abhishek who offered to bear the costs and opted to save the leg rather than take the less expensive option of amputation. 

Dr Ramesh and Dr Pavan summed up the matter saying, “Of course we will apply a certain discount on our bills. Just because the dog is called a ‘stray’, does it mean he should not receive the same care?”. 

He was cared for wonderfully at Cessna. Dr Ramesh performed a successful surgery, inserting a rod with plate and screws. A challenge, due to the vast time gap between the accident and admittance to Cessna. 

The Jain family and Cessna are a testament to generosity and compassion. Brownie is back on Union Street! 

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