Komal plays a cop in ‘Kempegowda 2’

Komal plays a cop in ‘Kempegowda 2’

The actor lost a lot of weight to play the tough character

Komal in Kempegowda 2

Actor Komal has undergone a drastic makeover for his latest release,  ‘Kempegowda 2’  where he plays a cop. Komal, who is known for his comedy in the Kannada film industry, 
says this project has given him the chance to explore the actor in him. 
In an interview with Metrolife, Komal talks about his latest release and more. 

What made you accept the project? 

The story traces the events that lead to a corporator not securing a single vote in the elections. This storyline triggered a lot of curiosity in me. This film has no regular commercial elements or jarring dialogues. Even the action sequences have been tweaked, all of which make it worth the watch.  

What kind of preparation went into the role? 

I worked consistently for nine months to lose weight. I was 104 kg and now I am 83 kg, which I still think is on the bulkier side. When I first accepted ‘Kempegowda 2’, I was trolled and abused on social media by people who asked me how I could work on a film of such stature. Many wrote that I should stick to comedy rather than venture into an unknown space. 
But I took it as a challenge and getting into shape was one among the many hurdles that I had to cross to get into the skin of the character. After we released the trailer, the same people who trolled me wrote saying that I looked good. 

You seem to have sacrificed a lot for this project? 

Yes. I skipped meeting friends and changed my habits. I also skipped the offer to work on two reality shows and gave up three projects to be a part of the film. I was determined to turn a new leaf in my career. My efforts seemed to have paid off when the trailer got about 1.8 million views. I also had many people ringing me up and telling me that they were shocked to see me in such a fit avatar. 

How was the transition from a comedian to a full-fledged hero like? 

My determination stemmed from all the humiliation. I was taken aback by the fact that people don’t think twice before under estimating the talent of an  actor.

I was typecast as a comedian, but I had faith in me that I could go beyond that. I just needed the right script to showcase my talent and I have found that in ‘Kempegowda 2’.  

How was the experience of playing a cop? 

I spent a couple of months with my friends who were cops. I observed their body language, style of functioning and grasped the vital tweaks for perfecting the role. The action scenes don’t look exaggerated; I have ensure they look natural. 

How do you handle negativity?

When you are a public figure, you are bound to hear good and bad comments. It is not alwayspraised that comes your way. I have learnt to take both these in my stride. It is tough but I have learnt to look at the positive side of everything, including negativity. 

Do you think the kind of projects coming your way will change now? 

Yes. I don’t work solely for monetary gains; acting is my passion. I hope the projects coming my way will change after this. I don’t want to be stuck in one genre. 

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