Sattvic cuisine comes to JP Nagar

Sattvic cuisine comes to JP Nagar

The interiors of Sattvam.

There are dishes that thrive on the ‘shock’ and ‘awe’ value and then there are dishes that slowly infuse a delicious sense of happiness in you. The fare served at Sattvam falls in the latter category. 

Having created a buzz with its trademark sattvic cuisine at its first branch in Sadashivnagar, Sattvam has recently expanded its wings to JP Nagar. Apart from the widely popular buffet option, there is also an exclusive chef’s tasting menu that will be available only on prior booking. Out of the host of dishes included in this menu, few will be available on the buffet on a rotational basis.

For the uninitiated (most of us in this regard), sattvic does not equal bland. Rather the restaurant has utilised ancient culinary wisdom to bring in Indian and international dishes, adapted to sattvic principles. 

The meal opens with dishes like the ‘Ragi Papdi Pomelo Chaat’ and Narangi Shorba. We strongly recommend the ‘Aam Ras’, an exotic combination of pulpy mango juice, which has to be poured into bite-sized puris and gobbled quickly. 
Starters include interesting options such as the ‘Daliya Akhrot Tikki’ (broken wheat and walnut kebabs griddle roasted with mild spices), ‘Palak Makai Galauti’ (finely minced baby spinach and corn tikkis), ‘Kale Til Ka Paneer Tikka’ (cottage cheese cubes marinated in black sesame paste and spices, chargrilled in tandoor) and the ‘Mini Capsicum Bhajji’.

Through some culinary sorcery, the chef has ensured that each of these dishes taste different, even with limited ingredients, and that there is no discordant note among the flavours. No taste is allowed to overpower the other while the range in textures, from the soft paneer to the crispy tikki, tease your tastebuds. 

The main course is a gastronomic delight. ‘Krishna Worthy Kadhi’ with seasonal fruits is a delicacy from Rajasthan and certainly deserves the epithet given to it of being a dish fit for the Gods. 

‘Hare Seb Ki Sabzi’ comprises wok-tossed cubes of green apple with Indian spices and is an interesting experiment. ‘Aloo Bukhara Kofta’ has minced potato koftas stuffed with sundried prunes and served with a mildly spiced vegetable gravy while ‘Matar Paneer Ki Kahani’ has spirals of paneer stuffed with mashed green peas served on a bed of spicy tomato relish. Don’t be afraid to eat to your hearts’ content — the food digests quickly and doesn’t leave you with that stuffed-to-bursting feeling.

The ‘Rasgulla Palak’ has our vote for an unconventional combination matched with great taste. It is a savoury version of rasgullas in a delicate baby spinach gravy. ‘Gatta Broccoli Pulao’, ‘Paanch Anaj Ki Roti’ and ‘Jowar Matar Paratha’ make for the perfect accompaniments. 

Desserts such as the ‘Ragi Semaiyan Payasam’ and the ‘Mogre Ki Kulfi’ (jasmine-infused kulfi) provide the crowning touch. 

A shoutout for the brilliant plating — the food looks very Instagram-worthy — and the soothing decor. 

Sattvam is located at no 281, 2nd floor, 15th Cross Rd, 5th Phase, KR Layout, JP Nagar Phase 6. The menu is available from 12 noon-3.30 pm and from 7-11 pm. 

Pricing per person for the menu is Rs 1200 plus tax. The buffet costs Rs 680 (all inclusive) per head from Monday-Thursday while Fridays, weekends and public holidays see a cost of Rs 810 (all inclusive).