This band aspires to make original music

A bunch of young, aspiring musicians have found their true calling. The schoolmates got together and formed a band called ‘Zanies’, after they realised that their tastes and preferences matched.

 The band comprises Aadhithya K R the pianist, Sourish Athavale the lead singer, Nithya V the female lead singer, Vishal Hanuman the lead guitarist, Shresth Swapna the rhythm guitarist, Armaan Khan the bassist and Shreyas Rajeeva on the drums. They are assisted by Naman Mehta and Jaishankar. The members believe in making music that is original and straight from the heart. Aadhithya K R spoke to Metrolife about how the band came together and their future plans. 

How was the band formed?

We are all currently in class 12. We met through common friends. We not only realised that we shared the same tastes for music, but discovered that we were a talented bunch. We then wasted no time in forming a band.

What kind of music do you play?

We are currently doing covers and posting them on YouTube. We’ve also been working on our own music and will be coming out with two of our own compositions.

Who do you look up to?

We love rock and pop. We look up to ‘Linkin Park’ and ‘Metallica’. Ed Sheeran is an all-time favourite. We think his lyrics are sensible and his music is great.

When do you practice?

Currently, the band comes together thrice a week. Our practice sessions last three to four hours long.

Tell us about your compositions?

One of the songs is about unrequited love and the other is based on the idea of friendship.

Has the band been receiving any support from the school?

Our principal, Maytheryi Sathyadev is our biggest support. She gives us the opportunity to perform outside the school and has helped the band quite a lot.

What are your future plans?

We want to make it big and perform at popular places. We also want to be able to showcase our talent to a larger audience. Considering that we are in class 12, we are also keeping our career options open and may take this up full time.

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