Here are Bengaluru's most popular slang words

Here are Bengaluru's most popular slang words

A social media page called Slangaluru lists 300-plus words and phrases that are unique to the city and its mileu

Bengaluru slang words.

Byavarsi, Dutch Maadona, One-andaff, Naale Ba… If you get these words right away, consider yourself a true Bengalurean. If you don’t, then head to Slangaluru, an Instagram page that is teaching people these slang words and more that are unique to Bengaluru.

The page has been started by city-based journalist Ikyatha Yerasala, and it has more than 9,000 followers. There’s also a Twitter page of the same name. These accounts are followed and liked by Bengalureans, people who have moved to Bengaluru for study or work, and NRIs who like to get nostalgic over these lingos.

 “I have used these colloquial words all through my life. I used to write about these slang words and their meanings and content for a newspaper column called Sakkath Slang too. So the idea to share these slang words was always at the back of my head, and in 2018, I decided to put it on social media,” says Yerasala.

Cut to the present. Slangaluru is not only a glossary of 350 slang words but it has also launched a merchandise line that sells bookmarkers, pillow covers and magnets printed with these cool words. They even make masks emblazoned with ‘Chindi Chitranna, Boondi Mosranna’, and ‘by2 Coffee’. “The ‘Masala Dosa’ magnet is the bestseller,” quips Yerasala.

“Slang wordsare a fun way to communicate with friends, colleagues, and people who are strangers but know the city and its vibe. And it’s not just youngsters who relate to these slang words. It spans generations. People of my father’s age have taught me slang words too,” she talks about the centrality of slang in the linguistic fabric of a city and its milieu. Take, for instance, Social Susheela. “It refers to a person who is obsessed with social media. It became a popular word during the lockdowns,” she explains.

The Instagram page has also become a platform to engage with old-time Bengalureans. On live sessions, actors Rishi and Hemant Rao have talked about their experiences of growing up in the city and their go-to-slang words. Priya Ganapathy, who was known for her radio show ‘Lingo Leela’ in the 90s, has also come over. The page is all set to host a talk with the ‘Family Man’ fame Ravindra Vijay soon.

10 phrases that are peak Bengaluru

Bombaat: Brilliant

Yappa: Used to convey extreme emotions - shock, disgust, sadness or happiness

One-andaff: A spin-off on one-and-a-half and refers to those times when namma autorickshaw drivers charge 1.5 times more than the actual meter fare

Kaage haarsu: To fool someone

Tight: Drunk

Mataash: When something ends badly

Clean Krishnappa: A person who polishes off a banana leaf meal. Or, a team who bowls out the other in cricket

Khali Pulav: A good-for-nothing fellow who thinks he or she is great.

Sud-suddenly, simp-simply, morning-morning: These are called double-deckers and are used for emphasis.  

Silkboard nan magane: A person who is a pain like the much-hated traffic at the city’s Silk Board.