Samyukta awaits release of her first web series

Samyukta awaits release of her first web series


Actor Samyukta Hornad has never been busier. She has just completed a web series and her film, ‘Arishadvarga’, where she plays one of the six characters, has been selected for Bagri Foundation London Indian Film Festival. After a screening in London, the film was also screened in Singapore.

 “The film has had a great opening at all the international film festivals where it was screened. The subject has been liked by a lot of people,” says Samyukta. She is also awaiting the release of a Tamil movie where her character has multiple shades. In an interview with Metrolife, she shares her experience of foraying into web series and more.

Is this the first time that you are acting in a web series?

Yes, it is. I have just completed a series called, ‘God’ in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi. It’s set in the 1940s and is a socio-political subject where I play a journalist. It is releasing in September. 

How was the experience?

In web series, there’s room for more in-depth character analysis. What is normally cut short in films is worked upon at length here. You get to work on the details and give a definite character to your role.

The schedule and the way it was shot was like a film. I liked it that I got to be this Malayalee in Hyderabad. I played a hard-core journalist and I loved the mannerisms about the character.  

What drew you to ‘Arshidavarga’?

The story is written around the six sins and has five characters in it. I play one of the five characters. Every character has a dark side to it and I too have two shades to my role.  

We hear you also worked on a subject related to Naxalism?

I play the love interest of actor Vasishta N Simha in ‘Gangster’. The subject is based on a real story and captures the incidents that happen in a small town. The story is built around this man who has a unique modus operandi. When I got offered the project, I thought I was going to play a Naxalite but my role is quite different. I portray the brighter side of things.  

Tell us about your Tamil project? 

The film is called ‘Redrum’. It’s a psycho-thriller and is a reflection about the self. There’s a notion that bold women don’t really fall in love. This story proves that wrong. I also liked the many personalities I portrayed in the film. The subject shows how a girl can have so many sides to her character and yet excel in them all.  

What plans for Ganesha?

I run an art school where we held sessions on how to make a seed Ganapathy. I have also sent out appeals and requests to people to spare a thought to the victims of the recent floods and make a donation towards their cause. North Karnataka is the worst-affected where the floods rendered many homeless. The Bandipur forest fire was another shocker. 


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