Six tools for social media growth

Six tools for social media growth

Six tools for social media growth


With numerous social media platforms available, it’s the best place for your brand to be. However, the biggest challenge with a business on social media is tracking your efforts.  Let’s look at some supporting apps that can increase your social media progress.  


Buffer acts as the manager of your brand on social media. It allows users to link and manage all their social media accounts on a single platform. It also has a feature to schedule posts for a future date – Buffer’s queue feature will save the posts that you write while you add curated content on it in one go. It enables users to view public engagements and interactions on your posts and pages and gives insights into the kind of content that resonates best with your audience on the basis of your page engagement over a period of time.  


Marketers often resort to visual aids to really stand out on their social media pages. This is why photo and video editing apps are highly beneficial. VSCO is one such app. It comes with a number of free preset filters that make photos shot on phone appear professional. It also offers a wide range of editing tools to help enhance and elevate your photo quality.


Influencer marketing platforms are software solutions to make life easier for both agencies and brands with their marketing campaigns that involve influencers. It provides influencers discovery tools to connect as well as collaborate with brands and bloggers without the involvement of any middlemen.


If you are looking for a simple and streamlined tool that displays relevant data in simple graphics, PeakFeed is the answer. This tool emails you a personalized regular report of you page analysis. It is perfect for those who are not primary social media managers and need just a bird’s eye view of a brand’s media landscape. It gives you an access to monitor your brand’s social media profiles without ever leaving your inbox.  


Timing is an important factor for engagement. This is a straightforward, one-stop tool that can help you schedule posts to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Influencers and brand marketers can create, schedule, plan, publish, monitor, and engage with their audience in a simple and effective way. Its autoscheduler feature lets users publish their posts automatically when there are gaps in their calendar during peak times.  

All Hashtag  

Hashtags are a way to make it easier for your audience to discover posts around topics of their interests. They create significant visibility for a campaign and helps users reach their target  audience easily and efficiently. All Hashtag takes a keyword and displays the most popular related tags based on your search. The variability and multitude of options allows you to enhance your hashtag strategy.