Zaeden opens up about transitioning from DJ to singer

Zaeden opens up about transitioning from DJ to singer

His album Genesis 1:1 marks the beginning of a new journey

Zaeden initially gained popularity in 2014 for his remixes of Coldplay and Maroon 5 songs.

Once popular for his DJ skills and dance music, Sahil Sharma aka Zaeden is now on a new musical journey. The 26-year-old released his first single as a single and songwriter in 2019. Fast forward to 2021, he released his new album ‘Genesis 1:1’ earlier this month, which contains 11 songs.

In a candid chat with Metrolife, he speaks about his journey so far and his plans for his future as an artiste.

What inspired the album ‘Genesis 1:1’?

Coming from a very different space where I was just Dj-ing, moving to covers, releasing a single and now being able to release an entire album, that is the journey that the album is inspired by. The album has some dance tunes and also some slower songs, so it’s a good mix of where I am as a musician right now. Genesis meaning the beginning of something, so in a way, this is my new beginning.

What made you decide to start singing more?

As a DJ, I was doing 20 shows a month and after a while, it got very repetitive. It made me look for a new creative outlet, as I felt I was not challenging myself as an artist. So, slowly I started to add some light elements, started to play the guitar during my live sets, made a few covers and that’s how the entire process started. I realised that I really enjoyed singing and songwriting.

How was the experience of shifting careers and transitioning from a DJ to a singer?

Initially, I was very hesitant and shy about starting a singing career but I have a great team and support system, which really helped a lot. My father is a singer so he always encouraged me to sing more. When I started posting covers on YouTube and social media, they started getting some traction. One of my covers of a song by ‘Lauv’ got personally noticed by him, things like this gave me the confidence boost I needed and made the whole experience smooth sailing.

How have your fans reacted to the new you?

When I took the decision to focus more on my singing and song-writing, I expected that I would lose my fans but thankfully that did not happen. They have accepted the change and the new album has also been well-received. I’m really thankful for that.

Do you see yourself going back to being a DJ ever again?

Honestly, I don’t see that happening. I think I have found my feet as a singer and I’m very happy with what I’m doing right now. It is a surreal feeling when you write a song in your bedroom and then you see people all over the country singing it, I wouldn’t want to let go of that feeling. But, I will be dabbling into creating some dance music here and there.

Any exciting projects coming up?

Currently, I’m focusing more on my English songs. I have a song called ‘Settled Down’ releasing on August 6, it’s a collaboration with LA-based duo ‘Fly By Midnight’,  very excited about that. I’m planning on releasing a single by the end of this year, so currently working on that and a few other features.

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