Metrolife: In 'Raambo 2', Ashika acts with two heroes

Metrolife: In 'Raambo 2', Ashika acts with two heroes

Ashika Ranganath

Kannada movie buffs might remember actor Ashika Ranganath for her distinct roles. She made her debut in the film industry with ‘Crazy Boy’ and was later seen in ‘Mugulu Nage’ and ‘Raju Kannada Medium’. Excited to be a part of ‘Raambo 2’ which released recently, she talks about her role and the experience of shooting with actor Sharan and Chikkanna.

Tell us about your role...

I play Mayuri, a girl from a lower-middle class family who is doing her internship. She wants to have fun, has a different perspective on life yet values relationships. 

How different is your character?

I have never seen myself in this kind of a film. I have always portrayed bubbly, girl-next-door roles and I was overjoyed that I was offered something different. My performance in this movie is also entirely different. When one gets the space to perform, that gives much encouragement to prove oneself. ‘Raambo 2’ is very special to me.

Why is the movie special to you?

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw myself on screen. Though I knew how the movie flows, the excitement to see myself was much more. Everyone was praising me for my performance too, which was very heart-warming. Also, the movie has all the elements that are needed to make it a hit.

What are the different elements needed for a hit are?

Films are made for people and they come to the theatre to be entertained. They come to watch a film which possibly has comedy, action, romance, electrifying dance sequences and interesting songs to offer. ‘Raambo 2’ is a perfect blend of all these elements along with a gripping storyline. 

How was it to work with actors Sharan and Chikkanna?  

Our combination was well appreciated in the film. It’s always nice, it’s a blessing to be around such big names. I have watched their films since childhood; they were always funny and entertaining. I was a bit scared about how I would cope up with their performance but it all came around well. Comedy was new to me and they taught me how to go about certain scenes. They made me feel very comfortable.

Can you share a light moment from the sets?

With Chikanna and Sharan on the sets, every moment was interesting. The film is about a road journey and I have to drive in the movie. In a particular scene, while I was behind the wheel, the duo was on the roof of the car. They kept on wondering if I could ride well and kept asking me to warn them if I would be applying the brakes. Something like this would keep happening all the time. It was a laugh riot with them.

How did you manage your studies along with film shoots?

It has not been that taxing. I just go with the flow. I am passionate about studies as well as the field of acting, which is probably why I have been managing well.

What is your dream role?

I love historical subjects. If a film like ‘Padmaavat’ or ‘Bajirao Mastani’ came my way, I would not think twice.