Vijay ready to explore

Vijay ready to explore

Sanchari Vijay

Sanchari Vijay believes that an actor should explore all characters. This was the reason behind him agreeing to play the role of a playboy in 
‘Padarasa’, a move he feels has pushed his career to a whole new level.

In a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien, he talks about his role and the reactions it evoked.

Tell us a bit about your role. 

I play the role of Padarasa (which means mercury) who is a cheat. He is capable of cheating anyone. The role is so unlike anything I have done earlier that people will definitely hate me by the interval. 

What was the initial reaction of the audience when they saw the trailer?

The audience was surprised to me in such an avatar. Many asked me that despite being a National Award recipient and having worked on films with social messages in them, why I was a part of such a film. My role in this film was compared to Emraan Hashmi by many but I feel that I am above him. In most of his films, he only has one female co-actor but I have been paired with several heroines here.

What attracted you to the film?

The very fact that the role was nothing like me fascinated me. For an actor, the best part of doing roles is to experiment with characters which one has no connections with. 

Is there a message in the film?

Definitely! The film is comical yet has emotions attached to it. Though everyone will probably hate my character, the film will surely create an awareness about such people in the society. There are many people like Padarasa who lie to get their way through life; people will connect to the situations and people shown in the movie. 

How challenging was it to portray Padarasa?

It is the very first time that I was playing a negative role. I have always played decent and dignified roles and I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone for this film. I have also showcased my dancing skills in this film. My lines have words with double meanings and I even asked the director if it was necessary to use such words.  

He explained to me that my character was from a low-class area and it was impossible to make him say dignified dialogues.   

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