Apps step in to cater to fitness buffs

Apps step in to cater to fitness buffs

As more people become aware of the benefits of personalised diets, apps are offering weekly and monthly meal subscriptions

Restaurants and food startups are pitching in with subscription meal offers. 

The new year is typically a time people make resolutions to become healthier. Along with going to the gym and starting on fitness plans, eating healthy is also on the agenda. 

However, given hectic schedules, it is not possible for everyone to cook healthy and at home. Realising the business opportunity here, restaurants and food startups are pitching in with subscription meal offers. The services offer customised menus. The subscription term can range from a week to a month. Everything---from curated diet plans to food allergies---is taken into consideration when menus are designed. 

Here are some popular subscription meal offers in Bengaluru.  


Homecooked meals are their unique selling point. Breakfast comprises omelette, egg and toast, sandwich, upma, poha and so on. The lunch/dinner box contains chapati, sabzi, rice, masala rice, and veg curry. It’s available only from Monday to Friday; you’ll be notified on what the menu is 12 hours before delivery.
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There are a couple of specific offers here. ‘Cleanse and detox’ gives you cold press juices: seven bottles, all meant to be consumed in a day. Each bottle is marked with the time you have to drink it. The ‘Salad
and Juice’ option gives you a salad and five juices. Both these plans have a term varying from one day to seven days. There’s also lunch delivery, offered on weekdays, for those living in the CBD area; this includes either juices and salad or sandwiches and dessert. There’s also an option for keto subscribers. Check out



When you subscribe to the Purple Basil app, you are given a code you can use to choose what you want to eat for the day. The diet depends on what you want to achieve: ‘Goal focus’ specials are called Loss Control, Healthy Foodie, High-protein and Vegan. Each of these gives you items with less than 500 calories. However, there’s also a flexible prepaid a la carte plan where you can choose anything at a discounted price. So anywhere from eight meals to 40 meals can be part of the subscription. 


They have five offers— MiniMeals(workaholics), Classic(modest eater), Treat(flavour craver), 3-in-1 (explorer) and Bread Premium (bread lovers). You can customise your menus based on your choices—veg or non-veg, South Indian or North Indian. You can order lunch or dinner or both, and a subscription is valid for upto 50 days. The price ranges from Rs 825 to Rs 3,600 a week. Available at

This is an all-India chain with a big presence in Bengaluru. Its offerings can be tailored to your weight. Options are listed on the app, and you can choose a plan that suits you. You can also choose different delivery locations for different days. You get discounts if you’re a member of the chain that includes gyms and merch outlets.