'Music exists in my soul'

'Music exists in my soul'

Some know him as a musician, while others, as a playwright. Kevin J Oliver is at best, an art connoisseur as he has dabbled with drama, advertising, production, music and fashion.

He says, “Fashion is a close second in my heart, after music. I enjoy working with models and lot of whom I’ve worked with previously have gone places. It’s the teacher in me that drives me to go forward in fashion.” He talks very passionately about his first love — music, which runs in the family.

Having strung notes on keys ever since he was three, Kevin completed his music degree at the Trinity College of London at 17 and went on to study at the National Institute of Broadcasting.
He is ready to take on any challenge presented in front of him as he has tested waters in musical adaptations of a multitude of genres.

“My mentor advised me to juggle with genres because I get a wider perspective. Hence I went on to do genres like ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ and ‘Diary of Anne Frank’ - which have different plots and involve different dynamics. I just carried on with that tip.”

He has also received the best of both worlds in literature as he has adapted plays from Indian and Western texts. “I believe that music and theatre have know no barriers. The literature of both cultures appeal to me and each have their own beauty. I love interpreting texts because I have my own mad way of interpretation.”
Speaking about India as an arts hub, he says, “Everything thrives here, from theatre to music to drama. I’ve always wanted to come back to this place because it’s a potboiler of a place.”

His next project is a play called Shakuntala, and a music festival at Edinburgh. So what does music mean to him. “I’ve played the piano ever since I was three and I feel it’s his gift to impart music to world. Music exists in my soul and if I don’t have music in me, I won’t be able to survive.”

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