On my pinboard: Nikki Galrani

On my pinboard: Nikki Galrani

Nikki Galrani made her debut in the Kannada film with ‘Ajith’. She followed it up with another hit ‘Jamboo Savari’, opposite Prajwal Devaraj. Her popular films in Malayalam are ‘1983’, ‘Vellimoonga’, ‘Ivan Maryadaraman’ and ‘Ohm Shanthi Oshaana’.

In Tamil, she is known for delivering hit films such as ‘Darling’, which won her several awards, ‘Kalakalappu 2’ and ‘Kadavul Irukaan Kumaru’.

She will soon be seen playing an interesting role in ‘Charlie Chaplin 2’, opposite Prabhu Deva. She also has a couple of projects lined up in Tamil and Malayalam.


A R Rahman
“Listening to music totally depends on my mood. A R Rahman is my all-time favourite musician. I enjoy listening to music by Bryan Adams and I was heavily crushing on Enrique Iglesias during my high school. I find it hard to understand hard rock and metal music. I have specific tastes and prefer to stick to them.”


Ranveer Singh
“I admire Ranveer Singh for his originality. I relate to him because the two of us have similar character traits. I am a lively person and can act only in front of the camera. Off the shooting set, I prefer being myself. Ranveer is crazy, goofy and unpretentious. I also respect him for his exemplary performance in films like ‘ Ram Leela’ and ‘Padmaavat’. He does complete justice to his work.”


“Travel is a big part of my life. I recently went to Maldives, US and Bali, but the one place that I really want to visit is Iceland. I would like to go there and stay in the Igloos. I also make it a point to travel and explore at least one new country every year. One good thing about my work is that it takes me all over the world.”


Chicken biryani
“I miss home food. I love my mother’s cooking and she makes the best vegetable biryani. I can also never get enough of chicken and mutton biryani. I am an experimental eater and love trying out dishes in Thai and Chinese cuisines. My meals are never complete without fruits. I love mangoes. In summer all the dishes that I eat have to have a mangoes in them.”


Anitha Reshma
“The thought of doing something different and making a mark has always driven and inspired me to get to where I am today. I look up to many people and believe in having multiple role models, but the one person who would top the list is my mother Anitha Reshma. She has taught me to never give up and excel in everything I do.”


“I admire the works of Osho. I find his thoughts to be simple and practical. I also read a lot of fiction and enjoy reading novels based on suspense. I like to pick up books that can keep me hooked. Though, my schedules leave me with very little time, I read between shooting and whenever I am travelling. I have recently begun reading a lot of books on philosophy.”