Olympian loves city’s food joints

Olympian loves city’s food joints

Carolina Marin from Spain was in Bengaluru last week to play for the Premier Badminton League.

Carolina Marin is aiming high in the 2020 Olympics.

Having been a part of Premier Badminton League (PBL) for three seasons, Spanish player Carolina Marin is now a member of the new Pune team, owned by actor Taapsee Pannu. 

Metrolife caught up with the Olympic champion when she was in the city recently for a tournament.

The team didn’t qualify for the finals, but Carolina still feels the experience was great. She talks about her love for Bengaluru and more.

How was your experience playing for Pune 7 Aces?

It was really a great experience. We had a great bunch of players, and Taapsee has been brilliant as well. She made sure that we all had a great time.

Tell us about your experience in India...

It always feels great to come back to so much warmth that people and fans shower on me. Playing in Pune and going to new cities like Ahmedabad for the first time was a great adventure. I was here for Christmas, and even though I missed my folks at home, the entire experience was really special. PBL gives a great badminton atmosphere and good training for me.

How did you like Bengaluru?

Bengaluru was fantastic. I had some interesting experiences here — I did some expert talking for some television channels in the city. I also got a chance to sit with the commentators in the commentary box, which was fun. I actually did such a stint for the first time. And I loved the energy of the crowd here. Outside of court, I also got a chance to taste some local delicacies here. I stepped out to explore the city food joints, and the experience was amazing.

Any advice for aspiring badminton players?

Keep working hard, stay focused and enjoy badminton.

Your mantra before heading to court?

I go to the court to enjoy playing badminton, that is it.

Future plans?

I am aiming for the 2020 Olympics. We have the qualifiers this year, and I am currently training.

Carolina is the reigning Olympic champion
- She is known for her screams while on the court. She says she uses it to put pressure on opponents.
- She has been vocal about her loss of motivation post the Olympics win.
- She says she spoke to her psychologist and coach and took to reading self-help books.
- Carolina considers Rafael Nadal as her all-time idol and inspiration, on court as well as off the court.
- She is the first woman shuttler to win three World Championships titles.