Talk on ways to promote workplace gender parity

Talk on ways to promote workplace gender parity

(From left) Indira Reddy, Shafryne Sayan,Geetha Ramanujam and Ishiqa Multan discussed a range of issues holding women back from progressing in their careers.

Events marking International Women’s Day 2019, with a theme of ‘Balance for Better’, were held across Bengaluru on March 8. Sagar Hospitals, Bengaluru also hosted a panel discussion on ‘Gender Parity’ at Dayanand Sagar Institutions.

The panel included founder and academic director of GR Educational Institutions, Dr Geetha Ramanujam; FSO,Consulate General of Canada Shafryne Sayani, senior gynecologist Indira Reddy, and executive director of Sagar Hospitals, Ishiqa Multani.

The theme of the discussion was ‘#WomenofGold’ and the panellists spoke about promoting gender parity at the workplace.

Saying that “Women’s Day was a time to realise our potential and work towards realising it”, 
Geetha Ramunajam added that gone are the days when women were expected to stay at home, while men had all the opportunities.

“However, for gender parity to work at all levels, it has to start at home. And education is a powerful tool to make that happen,” she remarked.

Ishiqa Multani spoke about how gender inequality exists among the top senior executives in the healthcare industry. 

“The service-level field comprises 65 to 70 per cent women but female representation at the c-suite level (high-ranking executive titles) is less than 10 per cent,” she says.

She feels that since the task of juggling the career and family often falls on the women, it may cause them to miss out on the mentoring and networking opportunities essential for success in their careers.

When asked about Canada’s stand on gender parity, Shafryne Sayani said the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made sure that women participate freely, fully, and equally in their economies and society.  Talking about the feminist model approach, she adds, “The Feminist Foreign Policy and the Feminist International Assistance Policy are fine examples of revolutionary efforts made at the highest level.”

If your family is with you, said Dr Indira Reddy, there are lesser hurdles to overcome.

“When I wanted to become a doctor, my family readily agreed. I started to practise medicine in Riyadh and I still remember my first C-section surgery, in an all-male gynaecologist team,” she said. 

The event also showcased a short film on the longest-serving staff members of Sagar Hospitals, followed by musical performances by the staff in celebration of the spirit of womanhood.