Ten reasons why you might like Captain Marvel

Ten reasons why you might like Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is played by Brie Larson.

The must-awaited MCU’s Captain Marvel finally hit the screens on Thursday evening and fans can’t stop raving about it. Whether it was the introduction of a new character, perhaps the most powerful one in the Marvel universe, or the storyline, Brie Larson and team kept us on the edge of our seats.

Here are some of the reasons why we think you shouldn’t miss this movie.

- To begin with, after the way Avengers Infinity War ended, it was great to know why Nick Fury paged Captain Marvel. The final moments of the movie left all of us quite speechless and we deserved to know more.

- MCU finally has a solo female-led movie and Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel is everything we needed and more.

- She’s also not some hero who is wearing some skimpy outfit. Like Black Widow, she has been given a full-bodied suit, a colourful one this one. The change from green and black to red, blue and golden is worth the applause.

- It gives a back story and shows us the younger versions of everyone, including Nick Fury. It shows the significant tie between the cosmic elements in space and some from Earth as shown in other films, in terms of the alien tech and man’s military equipment.

- Speaking of young Fury, this is the movie we find out how he lost his one eye. He himself doesn’t confirm or deny the rumours but we can see for ourselves how it truly happened.

- It’s a major throwback to the ‘90s! The movie takes us back to what it’s like to see a Blockbuster at every corner of the street or how terrible a dial-up connection is. We are so thankful that the world of the internet has improved so much!

- Though we know that Stan Lee will have a cameo in a few more Marvel movies, it was refreshing to see him again. 

- There’s also a cute cat in the movie who plays a very important role. It’ll also make you believe in why many people think that cats are evil geniuses. You’ll see why. 

- Some of your other favourite (maybe some not-so-favourite) characters are also given screen time to either add to the storyline or build up the excitement for the upcoming ones.

- Most importantly, we know that you want to sit through the credits and find out what the short clips are all about. There are two of them this time — one right after the last screen and another after the credits are done.

- There are only a few more Marvel movies left to see. Well, we sure hope that there will be more storylines to draw from but whether we like it or not, MCU is getting closer to the final endgame (pun intended).

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