Car luxury defined in its true meaning

Car luxury defined in its true meaning

The luxury car segment doesn’t wait a moment not to surprise. This bit of the Indian car market has offered purpose and will to many a potential customers to discern for a powerful, yet plush experience.          

For decades, Mercedes-Benz has left no stone unturned, when it comes to offering the best in power, safety and luxury. This German automobile pioneer’s cars are much more than value for money, and can be termed as ‘reward for money’. Hence, it’s always a pleasure to own or drive a Mercedes. If the company’s Three-Pointed Star is visible from the driver’s seat, it’s even more pleasurable and a matter of luxury. Of course, with many Mercedes models on the road, it’s only the S-Class that proudly hoists the Mercedes standard on top of its bonnet. This is the basic evident design of any Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

The new facelift version of the S-Class is again one of the world’s most luxurious cars, with few changes in exterior and interior design. However, the main talking point about the new car is its brand new and fine-tuned engine in both petrol and diesel variants, where both of them meet the Bharat Stage VI (BS-VI) emission standards. With this, the all-new Mercedes S-Class 2018 can also be called as the cleanest diesel car in India.

Length beefs up luxury

Mercedes never compromises on the looks of any of its models. The S-Class boosts up on more and more luxury, with its lengthy persona. Though when seen from another angle, the car bears small alloys that would have otherwise offered a more sportier look. The big alloys would have made a huge difference and made the car reach standards of almost all luxury car segments in the appearance department. The headlamp cluster has been upgraded in the new car. The three LED strips look cool. There is a minute change in the tail light with the crystal effect. However, the dual exhaust adds to the sportier quality of the luxurious car.

Cool interiors

The S-Class is known for its interiors, which are often beyond words in uber cool luxury and superior comfort. No matter how it looks outside, Mercedes has retained and carried with the same royal features inside the car. One is welcomed by a lovely grand feeling once within the cabin. As soon as our eyes are set on the 12.3-inch connected screen from the driver’s seat, the high degree of techno styling of the new S-Class is understood.

A new mark of the steering wheel with more functions and a wireless charging mechanism for smartphones have all been added within the cabin. Besides this, every S-Class aspirant will just love the luxury in the rear seat. This is the place where you could anticipate more royal treatment. It’s more spacious and luxurious, and it’s just like being in a luxurious living room on four wheels. Separate AC vents, amazing storage capacity in the armrest, great under-thigh support in the seats, and two HD entertainment screens to keep one engaged throughout the journey. All this can even lull passengers to some nice sleep, when the car is gliding on some good roads. The rear seat also has some great massage options, which will make the journey even more relaxing and pampered, which is beyond luxury. It must be noted that an S-Class, and other cars of its segment, are largely chauffeur-driven, with owners choosing to partake of its rear-seat comforts. And this Mercedes has tried and succeeded in offering the best in in-car options to its patrons.

Apart from this, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class 2018 also has 64 different colours and mood lighting to choose from inside the cabin. On the whole, this is again a 3+1 car, where a fifth passenger in the centre of the rear seat will be an impediment for other rear seat passengers.

Driving the distance

In the latest facelift version of the S-Class, Mercedes has introduced two engine options – S350 diesel and S450 petrol. It was the diesel version that we got to drive. The engine was so refined and smooth that we were unable to hear the engine noise within the cabin.

The 2,925 cc car, with a 9-speed automatic gearbox, is sublime and takes you to some serious speeds, without even the driver being able to gauge at times. All we need is an empty road to accomplish some serious speed testing. The car is loaded with a 286 hp @ 3,400-4,600 rpm powertrain, which can produce 600 Nm torque @ 1,200-3,200 rpm, which makes its drive astonishingly effortless and unstressed.

AdBlue Dosing Unit

This is the main component that makes the all-new Mercedes-Benz S-Class meet BS-VI standards. There is a 25-litre AdBlue tank just beside the diesel filler. What it actually does is, it triggers a chemical reaction and turns the nastiest and harmful pollutants into harmless nitrogen and water. It should be topped up every time because, this solution cleans the exhaust chemicals.

First Merc with ADAS

The new S-Class will also get the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS). It cannot be considered as a complete autonomous car or driverless car, but it’s at the first level of autonomy among all Mercedes-Benz cars.

More cool driving aids

Along with this, the car also has active brake assist and active blind spot assist that keep occupants safe from an accident. Meanwhile, the active brake assist is very powerful and effective, as the sudden hurdle was easily avoided by the car itself. However, to keep ourselves free from other injuries, it’s better for us to wear the seat belt.

Its minor external and internal changes, with few tweaks, help sharpen the car’s looks. The key highlight is the refined engine, that makes you own the cleanest diesel car in the country, however, priced at Rs 1.33 crore for the S350 Diesel and Rs 1.37 crore for the S450 Petrol (all prices are ex-showroom New Delhi). 

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