Homes and Interiors: Light it up

Homes and Interiors: Light it up

Chandeliers can be used for large rooms like the living room, dining room and open foyers because of their centrality.

Decorative lighting is that aesthetic element, which when placed strategically can highlight spaces and create the required mood. Today, lighting is not just a functional element but is also a piece of design. Decorative lighting as the same suggests is a lighting fixture that comes in ornamental designs, but there's much more to it. 

Decorative lighting can now be considered the fourth layer of interior decor and, with greater reasons, it is the jewellery for the area adorned with it; it helps the space shimmer and shine! To bring out the best features of your space, it is of prime importance to accessorise it with the right combination of task, accent and ambient lighting.

Decorative lighting today is designed with a purpose where all the layers of lighting could be summarised in one, making it more versatile. While picking the right kind of decorative light is of utmost significance, as it reflects the style of the space, it is equally important that it has a character of its own, resonating as a design product itself.

Pick the right light and know its purpose. The market has a variety of products, but what makes it to the site is a mix of the designer's perception and the demands of the space in terms of style. 

The definition, by design of distinct gasoliers like chandeliers, pendants, sconces, lamps, torchièrs, etc., seems a little indistinct when thousands of options are laid before you, but the layers of usages, of each of them, could still be discussed:


Often used to serve the purpose of ambient lighting, chandeliers are used for illumination in dining areas, foyers, and other formal spaces. You can place a geometric pattern chandelier to the dining area of your home contrasting with the colour of your dining table or candle holder style floor lamps in your bedroom with white colour curtains to create a warm ambience in your home.

Chadelettes or mini chandeliers have expanded the usage beyond just grand entryways and dining areas. A shower of crystals flowing from the ceiling, adding a dimmer to your chandelier lets the light be in sync with your mood and activity.


Popularly known as decorative wall-mounted luminaires, these appealing lights exhibit a broad range of styles ranging from crystal fixtures with flame-tip lamps to modern fixtures with clean, minimalistic lines. Also, a few sconces are wet labelled, implying that they can be used in outdoor and be exposed to rain. Available in an innumerable range of shapes, sizes, styles, colours, finishes and prices, wall sconces are great for adding a distinguished identity to space they are adorned with.


What if sconces had stalks and could hang from the ceiling? That's the basic idea behind pendants, which are used for hanging luminaires less formal than chandeliers. Pendants can be used for task lighting too but are often crafted with a decorative flair. Most pendant luminaires use incandescent lamps, HID or fluorescent sources. Mini pendants are especially well-suited to bring in the captivating charm since they can be made in so many different ways, from ultra-modern to natural, crystal to retro and everything in between.

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Experimenting with colours on the lighting material, have had magnificent outcomes. With all the razzmatazz the space shall spell glamour like no other. Using glass chandeliers and metal sconces make a room mystic and inviting. A place should be such that it can dazzle anyone with just its lighting.

Blown glass globes are a product of traditional practices of master glassmakers and it still gives a marvellous and grand sense to your space. Using fire and water, and combining craft and new technologies, the work that is created, besides being functional, is an embodiment of beauty, express values and are sources of unforgettable experiences.

Gone are the days when only metal and glass were preferred materials to make chandeliers. Flower chandeliers are the latest fad! Yes, you read that right! Substantially short-lived and immensely expensive, flower chandeliers come with their set of limitations and hence are preferred for occasions lasting only a couple of days.

So, what are you waiting for? light it up already. 


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