Mother's Day: 10 simple ways to make it memorable

Mother's Day: 10 simple ways to make it memorable

Relationships come and go but nothing is as strong as the bond between a mother and her child.

Mamma Mia, here we go again, my, my, how can I resist you? - Relationships come and go but nothing is as strong as the bond between a mother and her child. This mother’s day, DH brings you 10 simple DIYs to plan the perfect day for your mother and make her feel extra special.

Do the chores

She has spent tireless days taking care of your smallest needs. She has constantly worked towards making your day perfect. Now, it’s time to give her a break. Ask her to spend the day relaxing, while you temporarily get into her shoes for a day.

Plan a Mother’s Day date

The best way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. Prepare a meal with all her favourite dishes or plan an outing with fun-filled activities. This will not only ensure that you give her a memorable day, you will also get to spend some quality time with your mother.

Make a mixtape

All it takes is one song to bring back a thousand memories. Create a playlist that captures the true essence of the bond you share with her. Don’t forget to play it at the highest volume and sing your heart out. Put on your dancing shoes and embrace the moment like nobody's watching.

Bring out the inner artist in you

Splash some colour and dedicate the canvas to your emotions. Convey your love through swirling brush strokes and paint a picture that encapsulates your relationship. Try and get your mother to unleash her creativity side too.

Create a video montage

Take her on a journey that brings back nostalgic thoughts of the years gone by. Celebrate by going back in time and relive the memorable moments spent together. Include pictures and videos from her childhood and yours as well. Adulthood is a voyage that you embark on together.

Plan a family game night

Nothing spells fun like a night of classic board games. Monopoly or life, everything is better when you are together! Roll a dice, move a few pawns and let the fun ensue.

Make a card

As cliched as it may sound, nothing can be more personal than a customised handmade card.  Be it poetry or lyrics of a song, anything you write will be etched in her heart forever. Add a bunch of roses to accompany the card to step-up your mother’s day celebration game!

Make her a care hamper

Relaxing the body rejuvenates the soul. Bring the spa treatment home by gifting her an assortment of essential bath oils, salts and soaps. Let her immerse herself in a soothing experience and explore her beauty.

Design a bookmark

If your mother enjoys books, a mother’s day bookmark is just the thing for her. Let it remind her every now and then how much you value her and everything that she symbolizes.

Tell her you love her

Nothing can win a heart more than a confession of true love. Remind her how much you love her in the simplest of ways, not just on this occasion but every day. Don’t just say it, show it! A hug or a kiss, it shall always remain special just like the first time she laid eyes on you.