2-level CBSE 10th maths exam from 2020

2-level CBSE 10th maths exam from 2020

Class X students of CBSE schools, who are not keen on pursuing mathematics at a higher level, will have an option to go for an easier level of board examination in the subject from 2020.

The Central Board of Secondary Education has decided to introduce two different levels of board examination for the subject — Mathematics-Basic and Mathematics-Standard — for Class X students who will appear for board examination for the academic session ending March 2020 onwards.

“The syllabus, classroom teaching and internal assessment for both levels of exam will remain the same so that the students get an opportunity to study the whole range of topics throughout the year and are able to decide upon the level of board examination depending on their aptitude and abilities,” the board's director (academics) Joseph Emmanuel said.

The question papers for the two levels will be based on the same syllabus, but the questions for Mathematics-Standard examination will be tougher than that those of Mathematics-Basic.

The standard-level examination will seek to assess “the higher mathematical abilities” of students, compared to Basic-level examination.

“Accordingly, the difficulty level of Mathematics–Basic will be less than that of Mathematics-Standard,” the CBSE official explained.

The design for both levels of question papers as per curriculum for the academic session ending March 2020 will be made available to students, teachers and schools “in due course of time".

“It is known that students experience greatest stress before and during the exam of their most difficult subject. In view of this important aspect and as evidenced by board examination results, the board has decided to introduce two levels of examination in mathematics,” Emmanuel said.

Students who want to pursue mathematics at senior secondary level must pass Mathematics-Standard examination. If a student appears and passes in Mathematics-Basics in Class X board examination, he/she will not be eligible to take the subject in Class XI and XII.

“There is only one option for students at this stage — either opt for Mathematics-Standard or Mathematics-Basic,” the CBSE official said.

However, if a student appears for Basic-level examination and on second thoughts, wishes to pursue mathematics at the higher secondary level, he/she can appear and clear the compartmental examination to be held for Mathematics-Standard after the declaration of board examination results.