Congress to take back support if AAP fails

Congress to take back support if AAP fails

Congress to take back support if AAP fails

Welcoming Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal’s move to form the government on Monday, former chief minister Sheila Dikshit said if the AAP fails to deliver its promises, the Congress will take back its support, which is not “unconditional”.

“The support we are giving to the AAP is not unconditional. We will see for a few months. If they are not delivering their promises we can any time take back our support,” she said. “He should fulfil the promises he made.”

On whether the Congress will continue to support the AAP in running the government, Dikshit said, “We have given outside support to the AAP so that they can form the government. After that they are on their own. It will be their government and they should know how to run it.”

What is intriguing is that throughout its campaign, the Aam Aadmi Party criticised the Congress for misgovernance and corruption, and yet the party decided to back Kejriwal to cross the 35-member mark in the Assembly. “The party has decided to support the AAP to give them a chance to fulfil the promises they have been making all this long,” Dikshit said.
The Congress will keep a close watch on the newly formed government and see how well it implements the changes on electricity and water front. The AAP had promised to bring down power tariff and ensure better water supply.

“The AAP managed to garner votes on these two agendas. They have been claiming that once they come to power they will reduce electricity charges to 50 per cent and provide free portable water to all households. Now it’s AAP’s turn to keep its promises,” Dikshit said. “If they can, it will be a great relief to Delhiites.”

On the question of these promises becoming a reality, Dikshit said, “I have run a fair and welfare government for 15 years in Delhi and in my experience it is impossible to do so.”

Time and again the AAP has said it will send the “corrupt” Bharatiya Janata Party and Congress leaders to jail. On this, she said, “They should mind their language. It is uncivilised. It’s not in their hands to decide who is corrupt and who is not. It’s the judiciary’s prerogative and let it do its job.”

Former transport minister Rama Kant Goswami said, “The capital was in safe hands for the past 15 years. The fateful day of December 8 has put the fate of Delhi in danger. The new government can never do what Sheila Dikshit has done for the city.” The Congress won eight seats while the AAP was able to bag 28. Together, they achieved the 36 mark required for the 70-member Delhi Assembly.