Delhi High Court chief justice declares assets worth Rs 65 lakhs

Delhi High Court chief justice declares assets worth Rs 65 lakhs

In his statement on his assets and liabilities uploaded on the high court's website recently, Justice Misra, however, has listed no liabilities, despite having raised a loan of Rs 22.50 lakhs from HDFC Bank to buy his flat in Delhi.

The judges of the Delhi High Court began declaring their assets and liabilities from February 2010 after the Supreme Court judges had done the same in September 2009.
The apex court judges first declared their assets days before the Delhi High Court, on a petition seeking declaration of judges' assets and  liabilities, ruled that the office of the Chief Justice of India falls under the ambit of the Right to Information Act.

In his financial statement, Justice Misra also included the assets of his wife and two daughters, dependent on him.

He disclosed that he owns a flat in East Delhi, which he bought in 2003 with a loan of Rs 22.50 lakhs from HDFC Bank.

He said he also owned a house in Cuttak, which he bought from his "self-earned income as advocate."

"The land was acquired in 1981 for Rs 25,000, while the ground floor of the house was constructed in 1983 at the cost of Rs 3,50,000 and the first floor in 1988 at Rs 3,00,000," he said.

In the category of deposits and financial investments, he declared Rs 7.2 lakh have been deposited as fixed deposits, Rs 4 lakh in GPF and Rs 3 lakh invested toward life insurance policies.

Justice Misra said he was having no investment in shares or mutual funds. He also did not disclose if his wife or daughters were having any jewellery.

He also declared his wife has Rs 9.7 lakh in fixed deposits and investment in LIC worth Rs one lakh.

He also disclosed fixed deposits worth Rs 6.78 lakh and Rs 4.76 lakhs respectively made in names of his two daughters.