Uddhav again targets BJP over Ram Temple

Uddhav again targets BJP over Ram Temple

Emotions of Hindus should not be taken for granted, the Sena chief said after offering prayers to Ram Lalla in Ayodhya.

The Shiv Sena chief, who offered prayers at the Ram Lalla temple, said, "days, years and generations are passing by but the temple has not being constructed". (PTI Photo)

Shiv Sena supremo Uddhav Thackeray on Sunday once again targeted the BJP over the Ram Temple issue. The Sena chief alleged that the BJP was playing politics on the issue of Ram Temple and warned that the Hindus would not wait any longer.

Uddhav, who paid obeisance at the makeshift Ram Temple in Ayodhya with his wife and son, attacked the BJP for using the Ram Temple issue during polls and forgetting about it soon after. '' It is painful to see Ramlala in the tent......in fact he seems to be inside a jail'', he remarked.

Uddhav charged that the BJP was not making sincere efforts to resolve the issue through courts or negotiations. He asked the centre to bring a Bill for Ram Temple construction in the forthcoming session of the Parliament and added that Shiv Sena would support it.

"Shiv Sena has been supporting (them) on the issue of Hindutva and will continue to do so. Bring ordinance or a law but construct temple ...the emotions of Hindus should not be taken for granted," he told reporters here.


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Thackeray said Hindus are today asking when will the temple be made while maintaining that his visit to Ayodhya is neither for political purposes nor is there any hidden agenda.

"I am only asking (BJP) that when you were campaigning for elections you said all possibilities will be explored under the Constitution ...what has been done in four years ..when will you explore possibilities," he asked.

The Sena chief said that if the temple is not made perhaps this government will also not last but the temple will definitely be made.

Mounting an attack on Yogi Adityanath, he said the chief minister said there was a Ram temple in Ayodhya and will remain "but when will it be visible... it should be constructed as the earliest."

Thackeray also said that the Ram Temple issue should not be politicised.

"Chunav prachar ke dauran is mudde ka istemal na karein..hinduo ki bhavna se khilwad na karein (This issue (Ram Temple) should not be used in election campaigning..don't take the emotions of Hindus for granted)", he said.

The town has turned into a virtual fortress with multiple layers of security and deployment of drones as people began arriving here for Sunday’s `Dharam Sabha’, being organised by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad to push for the construction of the Ram temple.

The VHP has claimed three lakh people, including seers, will attend its public meeting.

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