Fog plays havoc with schedules of over 50 flights at IGI

Fog plays havoc with schedules of over 50 flights at IGI

"Due to dense fog last night and this morning, seven flights, including an international one, were diverted, two flights were cancelled and three international flights were rescheduled," an airport official said.

Shallow fog started to descend on the airport since last evening and started to become thick by 8.30 PM.Visibility started to deteriorate and by 11.30 PM, it dropped to less than 50 metres. Runway visibility dropped to 150 metres when the fog become very dense.
The situation remained poor for next three hours. During this period seven flights -- five domestic, one international and one cargo -- were diverted to Jaipur, Ahemadabad, Kolkata and Mumbai.

Poor visibility and inclement weather forced Air India to reschedule three international flights.Air India flight (AI 101) to New York, scheduled to depart at 12.45 AM, was rescheduled to 9.00 AM, Delhi-Chicago from 01.30 AM to 10.30 AM and Delhi-Toronto from 01.45 AM to 09.45 AM.

Poor visibility led to implementation of low visibility procedures at 8.31 pm on the new runway and at 10.38 pm on main runway. The LVP was terminated at 8.35 am on the new runway and at 6.40 am on the main runway.

A total of 151 flights operated using various categories of Instrument Landing System.
88 flights operated with CAT I ILS, 22 with CAT II, 33 with CAT III A and 08 with CAT III B ILS