Miraculous escape for Delhi Metro commuter

Miraculous escape for Delhi Metro commuter

Rake completed journey between two stations as body hung outside

In an incident that shatters the claims of the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) about the safety and technological aspects of its operations, a commuter travelled between two stations on Tuesday night with his entire body hanging outside the train as he remained stuck between the doors of one of the coaches of the train.

The incident happened around 11.00 pm on Tuesday between Janakpuri West and Janakpuri East station on the Dwarka-Noida-Vishali line. Metro officials termed the incident “surprising” as the technology of its operations does not allow a train to move until and unless the doors are completely closed. According to Metro officials, the commuter remained unhurt and left the station on his own without registering any complaint.

“After boarding the train the man tried to move out of the train at the last moment and his ankle got stuck in the process. However, the train moved before he could pull himself out.

He reached the next station safely and did not suffer any injury. He left the station on his own at Janakprui East station,” a Metro spokesperson said.

The spokesperson explained that the incident was surprising for the management as the trains do not get the go ahead from the control till such time all safety norms (including closing of doors) are cleared. He claimed that even in this incident all of the train’s functions involved were found to be working as per the norms. “After the incident, the train was pulled out of operation. All mandatory tests were done, but nothing was found amiss as far as the train was concerned. It is really surprising for us and the officials concerned are studying the problem in depth,” the spokesperson said.

While the technology failed to detect the man stuck in the doors, lack of Metro marshals at the platform ruled out any human interference. The spokesperson said marshals are deployed at stations which witness heavy rush and during peak hours. Incidentally, the incident happened within a week after the DMRC unveiled seven independent training simulators for the maintenance of different sub-systems of a train including the door system.

Tuesday’s incident was not an isolated one. In February 2009, a Metro marshal was dragged through the tunnel between Rajiv Chowk and New Delhi Railway Station — a distance of about 1km — hanging precariously from the train, his hand stuck in the door. Similarly, in August 2011, a commuter’s foot got stuck in the doors of a Metro coach at the Delhi Vidhan Sabha station dragging him a few metres before the driver applied emergency brakes.

The hangover

* Man hangs outside the doors even as the train covers around 1km distance between two stations
* Doors are designed to detect objects more than 15mm wide and automatically open and shut again
* DMRC has installed simulators to train drivers and maintenance staff about the rolling stock
* DMRC issues advisory asking commuters to stay away from the doors during door closing operation

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