Muslims must not wear AAP cap, says cleric

Muslims must not wear AAP cap, says cleric

A fatwa (religious decree) has been issued by clerics asking the Muslims not to put on the trademark Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) cap as it was against the shariat (Islamic law).

 The fatwa was issued in Varanasi by a mufti (a person, who is authorised to interpret the Islamic laws) in response to the queries by the members of the community.

The secretary of the Mufti Board Maulana Hasan Ahmed Habibi said in his fatwa that the AAP cap had broom (the election symbol of the party) on it and hence it was not proper for the Muslims to put it on as it was in violation of the Islamic laws.

“The broom is used for cleaning dirt and so it should not be shown to be put on the head”, he said.

 The cleric said that he had been receiving queries from the members of the muslim communities, who wanted to know if putting on the AAP cap was not improper in any way.
 “Since the AAP cap has broom on it, the same can not be put on by the muslims’’, he said adding however that there was nothing wrong in putting on the cap without the symbol broom, he added.

 The cleric went on to say that the fatwa had been issued after due consultations with other senior clerics.

 AAP detractors were quick to pounce on the opportunity provided by the fatwa. Leaders of the Congress and the Samajwadi Party (SP) said that the clerics must have pondered over the matter before issuing the decree. “The AAP cap certainly is against the Islamic law’’, they said.

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