Naidu to media: Avoid 'negative, divisive' commentary

Naidu to media: Avoid 'negative, divisive' commentary

In picture: Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu. PTI file photo.

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu on Sunday asked the media to ensure not to turn public discourses into “negative, acrimonious and divisive” commentary that divides the people rather than uniting.

“A nation’s forward march is impacted by the public discourse. Such a discourse needs to be positive and constructive. Media can be and in fact needs to be critical without, however, being motivated,” Naidu said at an interaction with Rajya Sabha television.

The Vice President's advice comes weeks after a controversial sting operation claims to have documented the willingness of a large section of India media houses to push pro-right views (Hindutva) through their outlets in exchange of money.

“Public discourse should not be negative, acrimonious and divisive. It should unite the people and should not seek to divide them,” Naidu said.