'Are you a good husband, Modi?': Naidu retorts

In an apparent bid to match the insults the Prime Minister Narendra Modi heaped on him during his public meeting in Guntur on Sunday, Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu asked the PM if he was a good husband. The Prime Minister during his speech to the state BJP-organised programme addressed Naidu time and again as “Father of Nara Lokesh” depicting the duo as corrupt politicians.
Addressing a public meeting in Vijayawada, almost immediately after the PM’s meeting, Naidu wanted to know if he could call the PM as Jashodaben’s husband. “When I say I am the father of Lokesh I am proud that he is my son. When I say I am Bhuvaneswari’s husband I am proud, when I say I am Devansh’s grandpa I feel great, as my family struggled to run the Heritage business successfully,” Naidu said.
“I hate to say this Modi, but what are you?, You are not even a good husband. You married Yashodaben Ji but left her without even taking a divorce. I never attacked any opponent below the belt, your careless and harsh comments hurt a lot,” Naidu said.
Naidu also said the PM who came all the way from New Delhi spent all the time abusing him but failed to impress upon the people the work done by the BJP for the state. He said that the former Gujarat Chief Minister is afraid of AP developing faster than his native state. “I opposed Modi after the “pogrom” unleashed by him after Godhra incident, so he nurtured a grudge against me,” Naidu reasoned out.
Naidu said that the crowds that attended PM’s meeting were procured by BJP’s friendly party YSRCP. “Jagan is silent on Special category status, as he is afraid that the PM will speed up CBI inquiry on him. I have no fears, I will oppose BJP,” he said. “While Modi is playing with regional feelings, the TDP being a regional party is trying to unite parties at the national level to save the nation from a maverick leader like Modi,” he pointed out.

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